Join me in the latest challenge offered by Oiselle.   I am very excited about it.

What does the challenge entail?

  1. Make a commitment you will complete 13 times during the month of April.
  2. Share yours on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #oisellefullhalf

Example commitments:

  • Run 13 miles a week
  • Commit to 13 days of strength work
  • Save the planet by running, biking, or walking to work for 13 days
  • Map out and run 13 new routes
  • Complete 13 Jasyoga video sessions
  • Do 13 push-ups a day
  • Or of course…sign up for the full 13.1

So what do I hope to accomplish in April?

Oiselle Full Half Challenge

Will you be joining me?  I hope so.  Let’s do this.


4 Comments on Oiselle Full Half Challenge

    • It doesn’t have to be push-ups but can be something else. Girl, I can barely do one. Maybe burpees? Or it can be something simple like making sure to hydrate properly for 13 days.

Thank you for your comment!