Last Friday (Good Friday) I volunteered to put packets together for the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle.  Originally I had planned to volunteer at the expo (like last year) but due to various factors, I changed my schedule and went Friday instead.  I was there from 1pm-5pm. The job was easy.  We were given packets of envelopes, bibs, and safety pins.  I had to put a bib in the correct envelope (they were already labeled with runner’s name and other relevant information) along with 4 pins.  Time flew by and before I knew it, I was told to stop working and to eat dinner.  There was pizza and salad for all of the volunteers.


I miss these finisher shirts.  I received a similar one for my first marathon back in 2006 and I regret giving it away.


Yesterday I met some friends at the expo.  I got there a little after it opened so there weren’t too many people which was nice.  

We took a silly picture.


I bought 3 Sparkly Soul headbands and a Zeet jacket (which came in handy during today’s run).



We enjoyed some beer.


I like the shirt.  I thought about giving it to my coworker (she is beginning to run again) but then remembered that I need to keep my shirts for a quilt.


My goal for tomorrow is to take it easy and have fun.


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  1. I need to do more volunteer work! Maybe I’ll sign up to volunteer at Shamrock with you next year, too. It sounds fun to put together race packets and eat pizza/salad. You look so pretty in those pictures, especially the one where you are toasting the beer!

Thank you for your comment!