I am sure you’ve heard of this method right?  Well, in a nutshell it is based on the concept of cumulative fatigue.  You train your body to run successfully when you are tired at the end of a race.  These plans are 18 weeks and have you running 6 days (easy, speed/strength, tempo, and long runs) a week with one rest day.   Sounds exhausting right?  I know, I know.


I’ve heard so many great things about it and well I decided to go ahead and try it out.  For now I am slowly getting into the groove of running so many days per week.  My goal is to also implement this as I train for the 2016 Chicago Marathon which starts the first week of June.  I finally registered!

Chicago Marathon Entry 2016

Am I scared?  Yes.  Nervous?  Absolutely!  I’ve never run 6 days a week.  During the last few weeks of my training for the RnR NOLA in February, I was running 4 days a week and I had days in which I was tired but then also had days in which I felt great. 

A few weeks ago I put together my plan and added my runs to my calendar.  I am two weeks into it and so far it is going good.  Part of it could be that I was on Spring Break last week and was taking it really easy.  This week I’ve been more tired than usual (I realized I need more than 8 hours of sleep each night).  I do not feel sore and surprisingly am recovering better than I expected.  



Have you used this plan before in your training?  How did it go?  Thoughts and/or advice?

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  1. I have used the Hanson’s marathon plan in the past. I really like the 16 mile long runs. After doing the plan for so long running every day has become my routine now! Good luck!

    • Thanks Pete! I am still amazed that the plan only has long runs up to 16 miles. So different from what I’ve been used to as far as running up to 20 miles and/or running several of those.

  2. I’ve heard good things about the training method from other runners and it helped them shave a lot of time off their current PRs, but I know that it wouldnt work for me. I’m prone to injury so I think 6 days a week of running would flare up old injuries!

  3. i have the marathon book but have yet to find a cycle to fit it in yet…i have read through it and am looking forward to trying it out – maybe for my final marathon this year which is still TBD…best of luck, so cool that you are running Chicago again…without a doubt, still my favorite marathon so far!

  4. I know a little bit about this, but it will be interesting to learn more from you and see your first-hand experience with it. I think the novelty of it should keep you excited about each run!

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