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Hoping everyone had a good week!



Chicago Marathon training is here!  I am excited (and nervous) to be training using the Hansons Marathon Method.  In a nutshell, this training is based on the concept of cumulative fatigue. You train your body to run often so that you are frequently running on tired legs.  The idea is to run this way so that during the last miles of a race you are prepared to push through the final miles. These plans are 18 weeks and have you running 6 days (easy, speed/strength, tempo, and long runs) a week with one rest day. 

Week #5, July 4-10


  • PLAN – 6 miles easy, 10:15-11:30 pace
  • ACTUAL – 6.02 miles @10:40 average pace

Ran the Elmhurst 4 on the 4th Race.  Finished race in 41:24. Not a PR but I still did pretty good and am pleased with my time.  After I finished race I ran additional 2 miles for total of 6.02.



  • PLAN – 5x1km, 8:33-8:55 pace
  • ACTUAL – Total 6.35 miles @10:28 average pace

W/up @12:00 and c/d @11:45.  Recovery @12:30.  Each interval was done at a different pace-8:57, 8:49, 8:42, 8:34, 8:27.  Pleased with this workout.  Also, pleased with holding on to the 8:34 and 8:27 paces.  

But first I had to charge my Fitbit.


Later in the afternoon I went to Target with my mother and saw something I was NOT ready to see.



  • PLAN – OFF


  • PLAN – 6 tempo miles, 9:44 pace
  • ACTUAL – Did not run.

One word>>LAZY.



  • PLAN – 7 easy miles, 10:15-11:30 pace
  • ACTUAL – Did not run.

See Thursday. 


  • PLAN – 12  miles, 9:53-10:30
  • ACTUAL – 10.02 miles @10:59 average pace

This run started off so well, in the middle not so good, and then ended OK.  The weather was perfect; definitely not hot.  I was doing very well running on pace with my group.  Around mile 6 I started to get a headache.  I walked for a little bit and could not keep up with my pace.  It was at the water station where I began feeling very hot and another runner told me that I had goosebumps in my arms and therefore I was dehydrated.  One of the volunteers poured water on my head and arms.  I sent a text to one of the coaches to explain the situation.  I also her know that the other runner in my group was running alone and to be on the lookout for her.  Luckily I wasn’t too far away from the Fleet Feet Store and I walked and ran whenever I could.  I did start to feel better but still had a headache.  

Eventually I did feel better and once I got home I drank more water and had a protein shake.  Then I took a shower.  By then I was hungry and luckily my mother had tamales for me.  It hit the spot.



  • PLAN – 6 easy miles, 10:15-11:30
  • ACTUAL – 6.02 @13:39 average pace

We had family over on Saturday night (we had a GREAT time!) and I went to sleep around midnight. I woke up at 4am to use the restroom and then again after 6.  I did not want to get up for my run. Eventually  I did and met a few others runners from Chi City Running Club.  I ran my SLOWEST 6 miles.  Seriously, I could not figure out what was wrong with me.  Tired.  Probably.  

I will never get tired of this view.  Love it!

Week 5 went OK.  My tempo run went well (again) but I am mad at myself for skipping two workouts.  So far I’ve missed 4 workouts in the training season.  In week 6 I have 4x1200s and 7 tempo miles.

Total mileage for the week: 28.41 miles

Total mileage for this training cycle: 163.21 miles

Total mileage for the year: 646.27 miles

Here’s how training has gone so far:

10 Comments on 2016 Chicago Marathon Training Week 5

  1. Great job with your tempo run! Sorry to hear you were dehydrated on Saturday. Glad you felt better at the end. You still got great miles for the week! Hope next week is better for you!

  2. It is way too early for school supplies! You still had a great weeks of miles, even though you skipped runs and struggled with your long run. You have plenty of weeks left to get the training done (that’s what I keep telling myself). I love your patriotic outfit. Good job on that race too! Thanks for linking, Zenaida.

    • Thank you! Yes, I still have plenty of weeks for my training. I thought that being off this summer and having more time would be easier with my training so we’ll see how it goes once I go back to work.

  3. I thought of all of you who are training for Chi as I slogged through my first long run for Indy Monumental on Sunday. The Hansons plan sounds hard but I have many friends who’ve done well with it. I’m looking away quickly from that awful school supply pic. So not ready for that.

    • It is going to be an interesting summer right? It is a hard training plan and I am having second thoughts about it. But I have heard good things about it too. Back to school stuff, not ready for it.

  4. Dehydration is indeed not fun. I tend to drink up on days before my long runs but with summer heat, I drink all the time during runs also. Be careful !

    • No kidding! I am usually very good about drinking lots of water every day. Now that I am off this summer it is kind of easier and more access to a bathroom. I guess that day was just one of those days.

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