I live in a two flat building with my older sister.  My younger sister, nephew, and mom lived on the first floor.  This past weekend they moved to a condominium in Palos Heights (about 40 minutes from where I live).  My nephew is a freshman in high school and my sister wanted to live closer to this school.  It is weird coming home and not seeing them here.  Eventually I would like to buy a house for the two of us.  Maybe next year in the Spring.  I guess now I need to limit my Oiselle purchases. I told myself that I will only buy stuff on sale.  🙂  So here is what I got today: Long Rogas in Plum, Heather Grid Dolman, and Portman Pants in Plum.

With the move I inherited a piece of furniture from my mother.  I am pleased that I now have one place to store my running gear.  For now I have my shoes.

I have been running here and there.  I went back to work last week.  I am feeling more overwhelmed and exhausted each day.  I don’t remember feeling like this in previous years.  Last year I was training for the Chicago Marathon (running 6 days a week) and managed to do my runs.  Hopefully in a few weeks things will settle down and I won’t feel too overwhelmed.  Today my students behaved well.  I even got compliments from two teachers telling me that I have a good group of students.  🙂

On Saturday I signed up for the Illinois Marathon on April 28 in Champaign, IL.  I did the marathon relay with some friends in 2015.  Despite the tornado warning/watch (can’t remember what it was), we had a great time and managed to finish the race.  I am actually excited about the marathon next year!

From the Illinois Marathon website: Along with the marathon, there is a 5k, 10k, and half marathon.  Runners who complete the 5K on Friday and then the 10K, half marathon, full marathon, or marathon relay on Saturday will receive a special I-Challenge medal.  This means, in all, you will receive:

  • Two shirts (5K shirt plus the 10K, half marathon, marathon, or marathon relay shirt)
  • Three medals (5K medal plus the 10K, half marathon, marathon, or marathon relay medal as well as an I-Challenge medal [different for each I-Challenge])
  • Bragging rights

The I-Challenges.

  • Full I-Challenge = 5K + marathon
  • Marathon Relay I-Challenge = 5K + marathon relay
  • Half I-Challenge = 5K + half marathon
  • Mini I-Challenge = 5K + 10K

Registration fees are below and will increase after August 31 so make sure to sign up today!
Half Marathon-$65
Marathon Relay-$140/team
Full I-Challenge-$120
Marathon Relay I-Challenge-$260/team
Half I-Challenge-$95
Mini I-Challenge-$65

Any race challenges?  I’ve done the Goofy Challenge and Dumble Dare Challenge in 2014.

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18 Comments on Changes and I signed up for the Illinois Marathon!

  1. Hope everything settles down quickly for you. I’ve done a lot of crazy challenges. The one I still want to do is the Devil Dog that the Marine Corps does where you run 5 miles and then 13.1, but I’m not fast enough for the five yet.

    • Thanks! That one sounds interesting. Do you have to run the 5 miles at a fast or specific pace?

  2. Good for you–I’ve always wanted to run the Illinois marathon. At this point, I don’t know if any marathons are in my future.

  3. That’s got to be weird to have them gone. Here’s to new beginnings. Glad to hear you have a good group of students this year. Love the purple/grey of your new Oiselle stuff! I’ve done the Flying Pig 3-way, I think that was my first multi-race weekend back in 2013. Since then lots of RnR remixes. I’ve had the Illinois Races on my radar for years but so far haven’t made it down there to run them.

    • Unfortunately the grey top is see through and I cannot wear it to work. I wear mostly tank tops for running.

  4. I’ve never done race challenges. I’m always impressed with those than can do back to back races. I have one race this fall, and I’m looking at a race for next fall, but I have no idea what I want to do in the spring.

    • Some challenges and more difficult than others. But I guess that is what makes them more fun exciting! Which race are you doing in the fall?

    • That challenge sounds like fun! Years ago I did the half marathon and was impressed with the food at the finish line.

  5. Change is hard sometimes! Hopefully everything’s going well. I’ve done the Remix challenge for the Rock ‘n Roll Philly 5K and Half marathon. It’s always fun to get extra medals.

    • Thanks Janelle! I’ve heard about the remix challenges but have never done one. Maybe one day.

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