Do you like to get FREE stuff to use and review?  Do you like to get FREE race entries to some of the best races in the US?  Do you enjoy meeting new people?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, keep on reading to learn how you can become an ambassador.

Brilliant Reflective 7

The BibRave Pros are ambassadors for BibRave.  Everyone shares a passion for running and blogging about their recent running escapade.  Each Pro gets free entries to run BibRave partner races (a few past partners include Grandma’s Marathon, Detroit Marathon, Rock ‘n’ Roll Race Series, Hot Chocolate Race Series, and more).  They also get to test and review running products (wireless headphones, shoes, fuel, etc).  Plus, you are part of an amazing community that motivates and encourages you.  What else is there to ask for?

Do YOU have what it takes to be a BibRave Pro?

Here are the requirements to join the program:
– Enjoy running and racing!
– Maintain a personal running-orientated blog
– Have a strong social media presence across multiple platforms
– Have a BibRave account at with at least 3 reviews
– No more than 3 other ambassadorships

I applied in July and a few weeks later received an email welcoming me into the program. Since then I’ve received race entries for the Run Mag Mile, Chicago Half Marathon and Lifetime 5K, Turkey Trot Chicago, and Illinois Marathon.  I’ve also received a few products to test such as Under Armour Horizon RTT shoes, Brilliant Reflective, Luvo Frozen Meals, and 5K Crate.

Chicago Half 2017-25

Run Mag Mile 5

Is this something you want to do?  If so, sign up TODAY.  Applications are now open till November 15, 2017 11:59pm PST.  You will be notified by November 24, 2017 if you’ve been selected as a member of the 2018 BibRave Pros.  If you apply, make sure to include my name on the application as the person that referred you.  🙂

I have applied again for next year and will be back in 2018!  Next year is supposed to be bigger and better so you bet I am looking forward to it.


I’m linking up with Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness for Friday 2.0.





21 Comments on Friday Five 2.0-Become a BibRave Pro in 2018

  1. I signed up for Bib Rave a while ago because people were “raving” about it but I never did anything with it. I kind of felt like my race reviews would be the same exct thing I wrote on my blog and I thought that was cheating…haha. But are they looking for a complete race recap or just reviews of certain aspects of the race?

    • Either is fine. Remember that other runners go to this site to learn more about the races. Sometimes this can either convince them to sign up or not. It will also give them an idea of what to expect.

      My reviews are similar to what I post in my blog. You should apply again.

  2. I have often thought of applying…but the thing that deters me? I really don’t like the idea of wearing the “required” gear…I like to wear my own stuff and do my own thing. I know, #shallow Thanks for the info, I will give it some thought, though. Free race entries and gear is appealing 😉

    • I know what you mean. Remember that the required gear is just for the races. And it all depends on the number of races you do on behalf of BibRave.

    • Definitely consider it and apply. I thought about it a few years ago but didn’t apply. This summer I finally went ahead and did it.

  3. I know a handful of people who are Bibrave Pro ambassadors. It sounds like an incredibly opportunity. I’ve actually been thinking about whether I need to step back from the number of programs that I’ve committed to in order to find more balance in life.

    • I know what you mean. But remember that with BibRave you are as busy as you want to be. You sign up for the products and races you only want to review/run. Think abbou it!

Thank you for your comment!