I realized it is almost halfway through November and I am just writing down my goals. But better late than never, right?

Run more than 100 miles.  I’ve been slacking off on my runs the past couple of months. The last time I ran over 100 miles in a month was in July with 122 miles.  Then in August it was 52, September it was 48, and in October it was 45 miles.  No excuses since I have all of the shoes now.


Take swimming lessons.  I still have some classes that I purchased in the summer.  I just need to figure out the days and times that are convenient for me and hopefully they will also work for my swimming coach.  This goal might even extend to December since the classes expire at the end of December.

Be more patient.  My days have been stressful.  Many of my kids are low in reading and writing.  Some struggle with basic instructions.  That combination just drives me up the wall.  I just cannot understand how someone cannot follow basic instructions.   Oh, and they TALK all of the time.  Yep, breathe slowly and relax.

Have more social activities.  Lately my days have been all about work.  I get to work at 7am and leave around 4 or 5 pm.  Then I am just too tired to do anything else.  I need to find a balance with work and having some fun too.  Tomorrow I am meeting some friends at Cooper’s Hawk for dinner and you bet I am excited about it.

Get a haircut.  Why is it that we drag doing something very simple?  The last time I got a haircut was in June.  Prior to that was August of 2016.  My plan is to cut about 2-3 inches.


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18 Comments on Friday Five 2.0-5 Goals for November

    • Thanks! Today was one of those days in which I wanted to walk out of the room. I didn’t. Instead we all took a GoNoodle break.

  1. Good luck with your Nov goals! I need to get my eyebrows/lip waxed and it seems like such a daunting chore when it really isn’t! 🙂 I’m often too tired for social activities as well, especially during the week. I try to schedule one for the weekend.

  2. ha! I hear you on the haircut, I went about 7 months and my hair was feeling ratty lol Now I’ve had 2 in about 11 weeks 🙂
    Kids will tax your patience for sure lol

    • I should schedule my haircuts just like i schedule my runs. Today was one of those days that I wanted to walk out of the classroom. I didn’t. 😳😂

    • Oh no! I hope you get one soon. Manicures are fabulous! Then again it’s been years since I’ve gotten one.

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