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I had originally signed up for the 8K.  However, I know it is always cold in November so when I picked up my bib, I changed it to run the 5K.  Spoiler alert:  It wasn’t that cold.  🙂

I picked up my bib on Sunday afternoon.  I was in and out in about 10 minutes.  I did not read the information carefully because later on that week I found out that there was race day packet pickup.  That is what I get for not reading carefully the race information.

One thing I dislike about racing in Lincoln Park is the parking.  I knew it would be a hassle so I made sure to get there early to get a spot.  Indeed I did (5 minutes from the start) but I had to wait about 2 hours in my car.  Not sure if it was worth it.  My friend Michelle joined me at about 8:30 and then at 8:50 we left my warm car to use the port-a-potties and run the race.

There were 2 waves in this race.  We did not plan it carefully because we missed the 1st wave.  By the time we made it to the race and were done using the port-a-potties, people were lining up for the 2nd wave which began at 9:30.  I was annoyed (mainly at myself) because I could have been in the 1st wave if I had left earlier. 

Finally it was time to run and it was a total mess.  The path was narrow and there were so many people on it.  There were lots of walkers (which is fine) but I wished they would have moved over to the right.  I had no time goal for this race but just to have fun.  I tried.  I was happy with the weather because it did warm up.  I wore a Oiselle wazzie wool top and a flyout jacket and was HOT.  But it was CROWDED.  I am not a fast runner at all and found myself weaving around to pass the runners.  

The turnaround was a little before Irving Park Road.  I don’t remember at what point the 5k and 8K runners split up but eventually we were reunited.  Yeah, I don’t think this merging area was suitable.

By now my goal was just to get to the finish line.  And that is exactly what I did.  Happy to be done and collect my medal.  But before I could do that, I had to get through a gridlock of people also trying to collect their medal.

I didn’t stay afterwards to enjoy the festivities.  It looked like people were having a good time after the race.

The medal is cute.

I was really hoping to enjoy the race.  I just couldn’t.  It sold out before Thursday so I am not sure how many people in total participated in this race.  I am glad the sun came out and it wasn’t too cold but that particular area of the lakefront is not a good choice for a race.

Did you run a Turkey Trot Race on Thursday?  How did it go?

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18 Comments on Art Van Turkey Trot Chicago 5k Recap

  1. Sounds tough, and I’d be annoyed too. I think that’s one of the reasons I’ve only done one turkey trot. That race was fine, but the big races are just too big.

    • I think that particular area of the lakefront was not suitable for that race. Perhaps moving it to another area with a wider running path?

  2. Oh wow, it does look crowded. I’ve always found that when races meet up again after splitting off for awhile, it tends to send everything into a tail-spin. I’d much rather begin together and then branch off.

  3. My “little local” turkey trot was great, but it was very informal and I don’t think anyone showed up hoping to “race” it. That said, I have done my share of races where the walkers are a burden to the course. I’m glad they’re there, but they need to be directed towards the back of the herd, or instructed to stay to the side of the course so faster participants can have clearance to get around them. Common sense is not all that common, huh!

    • You brought up many good points and I wished all runners would just follow some simple running etiquettes.

  4. Congrats on the finish. I got stuck in that same traffic jam of people at the 8k Turkey Trot 10 years ago. This year I made sure I got there early (only 1 hour!) and I was up near the front so things moved well. Maybe a 7,000 person race is too big for the narrow LFT to handle? Congrats again.

    • Congrats to you too! I think you finished before I even started. I agree that the LF is no place for a race that big.

    • I like your attitude! I guess in some way it was a fun and festive race. The medal is cute too! However, it could have been a bit more organized.

  5. Sorry this one was a logistical nightmare. For the first time in forever I did not trot. Since I was hosting dinner, I had so much to do plus my local trot way oversells and the course is ridiculously/dangerously crowded so I’m boycotting that one. Haha!

    • Not turkey trots for me next year! Well, maybe the one in Grant Park but it is on Saturday instead of Thursday. Is it still a turkey trot?

  6. Congrats!! It is a cute medal!!
    That gridlock getting through the finish gate happens here at the Richmond race…it is so hard after a long run to feel trapped like that..I sympathize!
    At least the sun was shining right 🙂

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