Random Thoughts Thursday

Happy New Year and welcome to my first Random Thoughts Thursday post.  I hope you are having a fabulous week whether you are in a warm or cold part of the country/world.  

How is is that years ago I would look forward to watching the clock strike 12 to welcome the new year?  Nowadays, not so much.  Sunday night I went to bed at 10pm.  A few people sent me texts/Facebook messages and I had to get up and turn off my phone.  The next day I was up at 5am and tempted to text back.  I didn’t.  I waited till 7am.  🙂

Winter has just begun and I am over this cold weather.  I don’t mind 20-30 degrees in the winter but anything lower than 0 is just plain crazy.  As much as I like running outside, anytime it is very cold, I do my runs at the gym.

Cold Anna

I’m been off for almost 2 weeks and I am actually a little excited to head back to work on Monday.  I like my job (I’m a 2nd grade teacher) but many days find myself tired and exhausted.  However, it is very rewarding when I see that I am making a difference in these kids’ lives.  The next countdown will be for Spring Break (end of March) and the last day of school (June 1-assuming there are no snow days).

With the new year anyone inspired to do a plank challenge?  Me.  I did start on Monday and today it is a 30 second plank.  

Anyone watch The Bachelor?  That show cracks me up!  The women are just so mean and catty.  I wonder if at the end of the season and they had a chance to see the show, they have any regrets about being on the show or cringe when they see the things they said or did?

Why is it that when there are 3 empty stalls in the women’s bathroom someone has to use the one next to me?  I do not understand this.  Please, help me understand this.  The same thing with a workout equipment.  The gym is empty.  There are a lot of machines for you to use.  Why must you use the one next to me?

Super, super, super.  Does anyone else get annoyed when you read something and the person always writes “super” all of the time?  It is super fit, super helpful, super cold, super easy, super cute, super excited, super annoyed, super hot, etc, etc.  No?  Just me?  

• I love Instagram and Instagram stories.  However, I am surprised at the number of people that post EVERY SINGLE THINGS on stories.  Whether they’re on a trip or at home, they’re recording everything and posting about it.  I sit there and wonder what is it about their life that makes them want to post so much on social media.  As for me, I tend to post more pictures than stories on Instagram.   What about you?

What are some of your random thoughts today?  Be sure to link up here so I can read about YOUR random thoughts!  Or you can link up about something else.

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    • Haha! You make me laugh. Maybe there is one locker they prefer? I know at my gym there is one that I like to use. But when someone else has taken it, then it is no bueno.

  1. I love cold weather too but this streak of negative temps/single digits and low wind chill is a bit much! 🙁

    I always wonder if the people who sit next to you in a stall couldn’t tell someone was in the stall. I always can’t. And the locker thing (that Pete asked about) – I also go to the warmest locker area since I am swimming, and I think other people do too. Ha! No idea on the treadmill though.

    I sometimes use words over and over. Sometimes super, or very, etc. I try to edit my blog posts to cut that stuff out. And I also wonder about people who put everything in insta story. I like to just share a few pics from the day! (I don’t use story) Those people may be bored or looking for validation, or maybe just like to overshare!

    • It looks like it will warm up in the next couple of days. Yay! As for the bathroom, I guess I didn’t look at it that way but it does make sense. Wouldn’t it mean the same if someone says “it is an easy thing to do” instead of “it is a super easy thing to do”?

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