Random Thoughts Thursday

• While I’ve been enjoying my Spring Break, I am sad that it will be over soon.  One week is not enough time.  I want two weeks.  🙂  I just realized that as of yesterday the 4th, we have 2 months left of school.

Spring Break-2

• You know I love Tieks shoes.  I have 2 pairs and ordered a pair in Sapphire.  Aren’t they gorgeous?


I also want to get one of these.  They’re both so pretty but really don’t need both pairs.  Or do I?


• Thanks to Facebook I was reminded of the day I completed by first ultramarathon in 2012.  I did another one two years later and then stopped.  I haven’t thought of doing another one till I got that reminder.  Maybe next year?  Who knows.  For now I want to do well in my marathon this month and in the MCM in October.

• Is it really Spring?  It doesn’t feel like it.  On Saturday it was in the high 50s and then every day since then has been a different number.  Yesterday we got a little bit of snow.  I woke up in the morning, saw some snow on the ground, and went back to bed.  It melted by the time I went out for my run.


• I was decluttering and found these tights.  Man, I think I’ve had them for over 10 years.  Not sure why I still have them.  I guess the real question is why did I buy them in the first place?  I mean, fishnet tights?

Black Tights-1

• A cat picture just because.


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  1. Remember when grocery stores had those big L’eggs egg displays? It was a bad week for spring break since the weather sucked. But yeah 2 months and summer is here!

    • Haha! I think I do. 🙂 I am actually looking forward to going back to me so not to mope about the weather. But please slap me when I complain during the summer.

  2. Only 2 months left of school? Wow thats crazy! This year flew. I guess it doesnt feel like it since its still so cold. I have been thinking about trying Tieks. Do you find that your feet sweat in them like other flats?

    • I know right? The year did flew by! Can’t believe it. I like my Tieks. No, I don’t find they sweat like other flats. But that might change once it gets warmer.

    • Check them out! They’re cute but also expensive. I have 2 pairs (got my sapphire today) but there are women in a FB group that have many more pairs.

  3. Those sapphire shoes are absolutely gorgeous! I will have to check them out. Are they comfortable? They look like they would be. I don’t mind spending money on shoes. Quality is key. Those fishnet tights are so funny! I might have come across a few questionable purchases at the back of my closet recently as well! What were we thinking???

    • I have 3 pairs of Tieks and so far they’re comfortable. Not soft and cushy like Aerosoles but comfortable for being flats. I did have to add an insole to protect the leather sole. Over time it darkens and I don’t like how it looks.

  4. Fishnets are always the answer!! I have the opposite problem, I bought a pair of patterned tights yeas ago…. but lost them and haven’t seen them since I paid for them.

    • I don’t think I ever wore patterned tights but maybe I did since I did have fishnet tights. 🙂

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