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On Sunday I ran my 159th race!  I did this race mostly for fun and am glad I did it.  

The forecast mentioned rain on race day.  The weather continues to be ridiculously crazy here.  Even with that forecast, I planned to wear a singlet, shorts, and compression socks.  Not sure what I was thinking.  🙂

I signed up for the 10K but got a bib for the half marathon.

On Sunday morning it was in the mid 40s so I wore a long sleeve underneath my singlet, a jacket, and tights.

It was cold and cloudy.  The half marathon began at 7am and the 10K at 7:45.  I arrived at 7:30 am, dropped off my gear, used the port-a-potties, and got in line for the race.  Per my Garmin, I started running at 7:58 am. 

I ran by feel and paid no attention to my watch.  I would only look down when it would vibrate with my mile splits.  I wasn’t cold and was feeling pretty good.

For the most part I was consistent with my pace.  I HAVE no idea how I ran mile 5 that fast.  At least it is fast for me.

Chicago Spring 10K-6

The 10K started on Columbus Drive next to Maggie Daley Park.  We ran there for a little bit and then ran along the lakefront path.  I found the path to be crowded since there were the 10K runners heading back along with the half marathoners.  

Chicago Spring 10K-14

When I was done, I got my medal and then went to get my gear.  I got there just in time because after a few minutes there were a lot more people waiting in line.  I felt bad for the volunteers because they were working as fast as they could but could not keep up with all of the runners.

Post race there was a hot breakfast, Lagunitas beer, and a spring flower station.  I wanted to take part in it but I was just too cold.  I hanged around for a little bit and then went home.  But before I did that, I checked my finish time courtesy of Athlinks.  Not my best and not my worst either.  My last 10K was the Run Mag Mile in September 2017 and I finished in 1:07:09.  However, my PR is 1:04:02 from September 2010.  

Chicago Spring 10K-13

The medal is pretty cool.  It has a spinning Navy Pier ferris wheel.

Chicago Spring 10K-12

I wished the weather would have been nicer and for sure I would have stayed longer and enjoyed the post race activities.

Overall, I enjoyed the race.  I love the distance and the medal.  Many races do not offer food (only beer) and it is nice to see this offered to the race participants.

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18 Comments on Chicago Spring Half Marathon & 10K Recap

  1. That’s a pretty nice medal for a 10k! Wow!

    I was signed up to run the half in Schaumburg that morning. It just poured and I didn’t run. I couldn’t believe that the city race didn’t have rain. Crazy weather!

    • It is a pretty neat medal. It did rain in the city. I was done before it started raining. A friend of mine did the half and she got caught in the rain.

  2. I’ve run that race a few times and it’s always been on the warm side. Go figure. The flowers are a fun touch but it always seems to get so muddy in that area. That is some gorgeous bling. Congrats!

    • I’ve done the half too and the 10k as well. I remember one year I got so cold and could not finish the race.

  3. It’s so hard to enjoy the after party when it’s cold & rainy. They had pizza & burgers after my race, but who really wants that at 10 am (and I think it’s mostly for the half marathoners later on).

    Mile 5 would definitely have been fast for me too! I like 10ks; there just aren’t many in this area.

    I think you did great & that’s one cool medal.

  4. That’s such a cool medal! Does it really spin?!?! And you got that for a 10k? WOW!! Plus they had hot breakfast AND beer? Holy smokes, sign me up! Great job putting up with the weather. Sometimes, that’s even harder than the actual race.

    • Thanks! I was impressed with everything that was available post race. Not too many races offer that for the runners.

    • Thanks Kim! We may have some nice medals but sometimes the shirts are horrible. 😜

  5. I Sorry the weather wasn’t better for you. It looks like its a really great event!
    (I don’t look at my watch either during the race but I do like to analyze it afterwards…haha)

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