Random Thoughts Thursday

• I am not creative at all and struggle to find something cute and fun for students to make.  A few years ago a teacher shared a Father’s Day card idea with me.  Isn’t it cute?  I had my students make this last week for Father’s Day.  Now I have the perfect card for their father but now need one for Mother’s Day. 

Father's Day Card-1

• On Sunday I was running on the lakefront and came upon a sign promoting a race that was to start at 8am.  I got a bit annoyed with it.  How can they say that the lakefront trail will be closed?  How?  Why?

Lakefront Closed Sign-1

• Check out the latest shoe release from Tieks.  I don’t care at the moment whether or not they will match any of my clothes but I like them anyway and I ordered a pair.  I am sure I will find something that will match.


• How cute are these shoes from the Brooks’ Victory Collection?  I found out about them yesterday and the Launch 5 is already sold out.  No bueno.

Brooks Victory Collection-1

 • Did you ever collect beanie babies?  I did.  I remember collecting these 20 years ago but cannot remember the reason.  I’ve moved various times and these beanie babies have also moved with me.  I did not want to give them away much less throw them away.  One year I thought about giving them to my students as prizes but that didn’t happen.  A friend of mine asked for these to donate to her cat rescue shelter.  She said that the cats enjoy snuggling to the little bears.  Aww, adorable.  Lola has two (cats) but she ignores them.  You bet I will be making a donation.  

Beanie Babies-1

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  1. Okay I’m going to be looking for the nearest cat rescue center. My youngest daughter collected Beanies and even though we lost many when the basement flooded, I still have at least 2 large trash bags FILLED with them. Good to know somebody can use them! Those Tieks are cute and I LOVE the Brooks!

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