Random Thoughts Thursday

• Over the last couple of years I’ve had to work on improving my credit score.  I had a condo that I sold as a short sale that that brought down my score.  Since then my score has increased to a number in the 800.  I needed to have good/excellent credit because I was looking to buy a house.  Well, I am putting that on hold for a few more months and in the meantime decided to cancel credit cards that I don’t need/want.  Well, my credit score went down and now it went up again.  I am pleased with where I am now.  

Credit Score-1

• Anyone watching the World Cup Games?  I am not a soccer fan but will watch it every four years.  Sad that Mexico lost on Monday.  

World Cup Game-1

• Anyone use Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner?  I saw this at Walmart and was shocked at the price.  I will admit that it is a large bottle but still it is expensive.  I like Pantene but think this is too much money.

Pantene-1.jpg• I LOVE funnel cake.  Not too many places sell it.  I usually eat it when I got to Six Flags and that rarely happens.  On Wednesday we went to a nearby suburb for an Independence Day Celebration.  There were games, live music, and food for everyone to enjoy.  There was a long line to buy funnel cakes and I decided to get two.  If I was going to wait in line for a long time then I had to make it worth it.

Funnel Cake-1.jpg

• My cat is weird and funny.  Can you see her?  Yes, I have a very old TV.  I refuse to buy a new one since this one still works.


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