Where did July go?  I feel like I just wrote about the end of summer school and still having a few more weeks of summer break.  

Hello August

• July was a busy month with family activities.  My sister and her husband were in town and we did something pretty much each day.  We went to a cotillion on the 14th and then the rest of the week, we went downtown to Millennium Park and to Lake Katherine, and also visited lots of other family members.  Plus, we ate A LOT!  I am surprised my pants and shorts still fit.

• Training went well this month.  I am currently training for the ZOOMA Great Lakes Half Marathon in September.  I did most of my runs but missed 3 long runs and an easy run.  We had some hot days but lately it has cooled down and that has made the runs a bit more enjoyable.  How many more days till Fall?

• Ran 102.44 miles.  Another month over 100 miles.  I am now 55% done of my yearly goal.  There are 154 days left in 2018 and I still need to run 533.41 miles to achieve my goal.

2018 Goal

• Total time running was 21:10:59.

• 21 days of running.  With the Hansons Training Plan, I run 6 days a week and so far have been doing OK.  I’ve trained before with this plan but lately have been struggling with my long runs on Sunday and the hot days this summer.  I’ve forgotten how tired I get using this plan.

July 2018 Calendar

ZOOMA Half Marathon-27

• My weekly speed workouts have not been going OK.  I’ve been struggling to hit the required paces and that frustrates me.  I know the weather is a big factor because I remember during the winter I did so well in my speed workouts.

ZOOMA Half Marathon-41

• I ran 1 race in July.  I ran the Elmhurst 4 on the 4th on July 4th.  It is one of my favorites and it was so much fun!  I have no races in August as it will be all about training for my upcoming half marathon.

Overall, I am proud of myself with how I did in July.  I missed a few runs but didn’t stress too much about it.  I go back to work on August 20th and I am sort of looking forward to it.  🙂

July 2018 Report Card

So how did July go for you?

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20 Comments on Goodbye July and Hello August!

  1. Wow, 6 days a week?! I would die. LOL. Sometimes, 4 days a week is almost too much for me. And you definitely have to cut yourself some slack on those times – heat and humidity make everything harder! You still crushed July, that’s for sure! And, you had fun family time too! That makes for an awesome month, right there. 🙂

    • Thank you! I cannot believe July is over. Running 6 days is tough and as you can see, it is a challenge.

  2. Wow great miles! Especially considering how hot its been. Glad you’re looking forward to heading back to school. My kids go on 8/13. Too soon in my opinion.

    • Thanks Marcia. I am looking forward to the room setup, new students, and the routine. I always say this at the beginning of the year. But then halfway am counting down the days till summer break. 🙂

  3. GO you!!! I could never do Hanson’s training…my body just does not like that kind of mileage. That said, I know the runners who love it, do well with it. UGh…how is it August????

    • Thanks! I do hear positive things about it but do know that running 6 days and the high mileage seems a lot. This summer did go too fast!

  4. Looks like you had a good month! I bet following the Hansons plan in the summer is really tough. As for the speedwork, I think its the effort that counts!

    • Thanks! It is tough but doable. I used this plan while training for the Chicago Marathon and I was ALWAYS tired…more than I am now. 🙂

  5. I’m struggling with speedwork now too! Well, the tempos, really. Thankfully there’s only one left. 🙂 I’m sure the heat is part of it.

    Sounds like you had a great July! Not stressing about stuff is really the ticket to a happy life.

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