Random Thoughts Thursday

• I am going to Denver this weekend.  Excited about it since I’ve never been there.  I am only going for one day to run the RnR Denver Half Marathon.  I’ve been stalking the weather and so far it looks to be good running weather.  I am debating whether to run in shorts or tights.

RnR Denver-1

• Haha, sounds about right.  Seriously, by Friday I am so exhausted that sometimes I just want to get home and rest.Friday Night Dinner

• I keep telling myself to stop buying stuff for my classroom.  No more.  I don’t listen.  🙂 

My Wallet

• I have an old Magnavox TV that I purchased in 1995.  It still works (with an antenna and converter box) and I have it in my room.  The other day the converter box stopped working and I went to the store to buy another one.  I’d forgotten how expensive they are ($40).  Somehow the box started working again and I returned the other one.  I also have an old TV in my living room (maybe from 2001?) and it still works fine too.  Not that great but well enough that I don’t need to buy a new TV.  🙂

Converter Box-1

• Tacos forever!  


• Makes sense but hard to to.  Which one is the most difficult for you?

7 things to let go of

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