Hello there!  I am late to the party and had no idea that the weekly link up hosted by Holly and Wendy was retired, but excited that Kim and Deborah have decided to keep it going with hosting a “new” weekly link up!  I am hoping to post regularly here and read about everyone’s week.

Hello March 2019

I can’t believe that we’re already in March!  Glad that February is behind us and hopefully the nasty, cold weather we’ve been having here in the Midwest will go away.  I am actually pretty tired of it.  Unfortunately, the cold weather got to me and I missed so many runs because I didn’t want to deal with the cold weather.  I mean, I am sort of OK with running in cold weather (and actually wrote a post on my essentials) but it was just too much for me.

Oiselle Winter Gear-1.jpg

I have a few races coming up and realized that I needed to get out of this funk and start running again.  I signed up to train again with Mary and am excited about it.  She is so patient with me and I love working with her.

In order to get ready for a new training cycle with Mary, I decided to start “new” with running shoes.  I had 4 new pairs of the Brooks Launch 5 and sent them back to Running Warehouse.  Currently I have a pair of the Brooks Ghost 11, a pair of the Launch 5, and recently received the Brooks Launch 6.  I am thinking of buying the Glycerin 17.  That is 4 pairs in rotation.  Too many or not enough?  🙂

This week was kind of blah for me.  Still no running (only ran 4 miles on Saturday) but kept busy at school.  I had parent/teacher conferences on Tuesday.  I have 21 students and was able to see 17 parents.  I rarely wear heels to work (I am more of a Tieks girl) but somehow decided to wear boots on Tuesday.  Big mistake.  My feet were hurting by the time I got to school and had to wear gym shoes when I wasn’t meeting with parents.  Not pretty but at least I was comfortable.

This Monday is the beginning of a RunBet hosted by Deborah.  Have you signed up?  My goal is not just to win money, but NOT to lose any money.  🙂  That means I need to run 4 times each week for the month of March.  If interested, sign up HERE.

Linking up with Kim and Deborah for the Weekly Run Down.

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15 Comments on Weekly Run Down: More cold weather and getting back to running

  1. I have been running pretty regularly, but since I”ve been INSIDE for most of those runs, the mileage is kind of meek. This cold cannot last forever, right??? I wish those Brooks St. Pat’s shoes came in the Adrenaline model…so cute! Thanks for joining us on the WRD link-up!!

  2. Those shoes so cute! I am newly a fan of the Glycerins myself. So excited to have you in my challenge! Thanks for joining the weekly run down it’s going to be a great way to keep up with everyone

  3. I really think most of us in the colder climates are in a running funk now. And I’m with you on running in the cold — I’ve done some really nasty weather runs, but I get to the point where I just don’t want to do it anymore.

    I’ve gotten rid of almost all my high heels! Which kind of makes me sad, cause I’m so short. But makes my feet happier (I only wore them briefly anyway, never had jobs where I had to wear heels, most of my jobs were on my feet all day).

    I like having lots of shoes in rotation! I like Ghost & Launch, wasn’t fan of Glycerin (but we’re all very different when it comes to shoes).

    • Heels do not make my feet happy anymore. That is OK. I have no business being in heels anyway.

      I ended up buying the Glycerin. I remember years ago running in them before I switched over to the Launch.

      • I have a few heels I wear occasionally still, but they’re comfortable for heels. I started wearing heels in HS since I’m so short. I kinda wonder how I tottered around in them but I did!

  4. I’ve done more indoor runs and workouts than I can count this year but I’m glad that I can still get in good workouts throughout this crazy winter.

    Good Luck with the RunBet challenge – it should be great!

  5. Your new running shoes all have such fun patterns! I think you need all 4, if only for that….

  6. Well, we are having a cold spell for a few days – maybe that will be the last of it? How do you keep 4 shoes in rotation? Do they each have a purpose or do you rotate randomly? I’ve been a Mizuno girl forever but have been enjoying Brooks recently.

    • I used to run in only one pair of shoes. Then when I had 4 pairs of the Launch, I would rotate those randomly. Now that I have different pairs, I wear the Launch for short/faster runs and the others for longer/slower miles.

  7. you guys have had the WORST weather. I totally get not being motivated. I pay a monthly fee to train with a group here and I swear I would likely try to get myself out of many runs if it weren’t the silly commitment I made – haha!

    I only have one pair of shoes as I kind of started over in october with shoes and insoles from the podiatrist. And i only wear Altras which are so hard to get here in the Netherlands!! I hope to get one or two more pairs soon. I need to be sure I have “my” shoe for the marathon in october. My husband on the other hand has a ridiculous amount of shoes. I love a good pair of heeled boots (or heeled anything) but I simply can’t wear them because of my nerve issue. Maybe after the operation?

    • We are stuck with the worst weather. However, I think the east coast sometimes gets it worse than us. I remember there was a snowstorm around Halloween?

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