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Weekly Runs: March 4-10

M 4 miles
T Did not run
W 3.60 miles
TH Did not run
F 3.01 miles
S 5 miles  
S Did not run

I am finally back to running.  It wasn’t easy since we are still dealing with cold and windy weather.  How much longer till Spring?

This month I am excited to run my first race of the year and one of my favorites in Chicago – Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle.  I have been running this race since 2005 and I think I’ve missed 2 or 3 years?  I love the distance and the location.  I was planning to sign up anyway but when a race entry become available through BibRave, I immediately requested to sign up!  Check out the medal, hat, and shirt!  If you want to join me and thousand of other runners, sign up HERE.

2019 Shamrock Shuffle-2.jpg

Next month I will run the Delaware Half Marathon which will be my 39th state in my Race in the 50 states+1 goal.  I am even more excited because I will see Kim (KookyRunner).  I first met her in 2017 when she ran the Chicago Marathon, but only got to talk to her for like a minute because she had to keep running and other family members were waiting for her too.  The picture below is from the second time seeing her on the course right before the finish line.  Join us!  Use code DelawareRave19 for 10% off the registration fee.


On Wednesday I received my newest Brooks shoes.  I got them in purple and they’re so pretty.  For some reason they fit me weird, so I ordered another pair in a different color (some of the Launch 5 are like that too).  How awesome is this video!

My runs this week were mostly “easy”.  My coach has me running them between 11:56 – 13:04 pace.  It is a nice and comfortable pace and many times I welcome it when I am very tired and just want to run “slow”.  I did have one speed workout and those I actually enjoy.  The plan was 15 minutes warmup and cooldown with 8×2 minutes at marathon pace with 2 minutes jog/recovery.  I ran out of time and managed only 4 sessions .  <<Not sure what they’re called?  Workouts?

I had another easy run on Thursday but was too cold and decided to do it instead on Friday morning.  However, it was the same temperature on Friday morning but didn’t feel as cold.  Weird.  It actually felt good running!  We also got a bit more snow but it quickly melted.

Saturday was 5 miles and I waited as long as I could for it to warm up.  It didn’t.  It was 40 degrees but yet windy and cold.  

This week we had a week of various Dr. Seuss activities (4 days since we had no school on Monday).  One of them was crazy socks day!  I received many compliments from teachers and the students just laughed.  🙂  The rest of the days were crazy hair and crazy hat, with one day for students to submit a drawing of anything of Dr. Seuss.  Definitely a fun week!

Crazy Socks Day-1.jpg

Overall it was a good but busy week.  I maybe not have done all of my runs on the days that my coach asked me to, but I got them done.  

Linking up with Kim and Deborah for the Weekly Run Down.

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28 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Running and my upcoming races

  1. Glad to see you back running again! Hopefully, things are on the way up!

    I got my race packet this week for the Shuffle and I LOVE the hat. Plus the shirt is a longer than last years’. I couldn’t wear that one–I like my belly covered.

  2. Glad to hear you are back at consistent running. The runbet helps with that! I love the shoes too can’t wait to try them out this week. Also running a St Pats race next weekend should be fun.thanks for linking up

  3. DE is actually one state I haven’t done. But I am also definitely not ready for a half next month. I actually considered doing one in a different state, but came to the conclusion that now is just not the right time for me.

    But I’ll miss the opportunity to meet Kim & see you again!

    That’s a sweet medal for your race!

  4. Hooray for running again! I would love to do the Shamrock Shuffle just for that hat – so cute! And it just so happens St. Patrick’s Day is my birthday! 🙂

  5. Good luck with Shamrock & Delaware. Sounds like half the Wrap will be doing Shamrock – yay!
    Congrats on solid start to your training

  6. All of the Shamrock swag is cute! I wish I lived closer. Hopefully you’ll have better weather than my Leprechaun Chase yesterday. Thanks for joining us on the link-up!

    • Is it too early to start stalking the weather for race day? 🙂 Last year it was cold and I am hoping this year it is a little warmer so I don’t have to wear so many layers.

  7. yay for running again! I think it’s ok if you didn’t manage all the runs in your program. The training plan in my opinion is a guideline and is also set up so that if you do miss, it won’t really set you back. At least that’s how I see it!

    love the Shamrock Shuffle swag! wish I could run it! I was definitely not a runner when I lived in Chicago.

    • I do remember reading that he is planning to run Shamrock. I think because it is the 40th Anniversary?

      Yes intervals! At the moment that I was writing my post, I just could not remember the term. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Thanks!

  8. Have fun at the Shamrock Shuffle! I considered running it when my son and dil lived there, but our plans changed and we visited on a different weekend. It certainly looks like its got some good swag!

  9. I’m back to running too and have to hold myself back from running all the miles at once! How great to be doing Delaware and meeting Kim. You ladies will have a blast.

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