Random Thoughts Thursday

• Tomorrow is my last day before Spring Break.  I am definitely excited!  My plan is to walk out the door with my kids (dismissal is at 2:50) so I can leave at 3:00.

Spring Break 2019-1.jpg

• Why Netflix?  I love you but why again the price increase?  Didn’t they just raise it like 2 years ago?  But even with the price increase, I know I will continue to pay.


• I love that I have zenaida.net and remember wanting to buy zenaida.com but it was too much money.  I checked the price again and holy frijoles!

• Tried these chips and they’re yummy!  Add some hot sauce and they’re even better.

Lay's Chips-1

• A photo of Lola just because she is cute.  🙂  


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  1. Always love a furkid photo. 🙂

    Hope you have a great Spring break!

    Mr. Judy is never happy with any price increase, and Netflix was no exception. We don’t have cable, or any premium channels, so it’s just network tv, Amazon Prime, and Netflix.

  2. I had the same thought about Netflix considering they just raised prices last year. I do love it, but if it keeps increasing I will get rid of it.

  3. Hope it’s a great Spring break! Those lime and sea salt chips sound delicious. I’ll have to look for those. And boo to Netflix! It feels like they just raised the price, I can’t believe they’re doing it again.

  4. What kind of Netflix plan do you have and how much was the increase?

    That is bananas that your name domain would cost that much!

    • I have the premium plan which includes 4 screens to watch on at the same time. My family are included on the plan too so maybe I need to ask them to contribute towards the cost?

      Haha, it is crazy that my domain name is over $2,000!!

  5. I had not heard of the Netflix increase but they have had some really great programming and we use it a ton so I guess I would spring for that. You cannot even go to a movie for that price! I bought a few of the domains when I first set up my blog but I remember them being very negligible charges. That’s odd!

    • I like going before 12pm to the movies so the price is cheaper. But the new Netflix price is still way cheaper for the amount of shows and movies available to watch.

  6. Wow, $2’600 for a “dot com”! You’re right, not worth the price. I just checked what my “dot com” price would be, and it’s $3’600. So no, I will stick to “net” too! Have a great weekend!

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