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On Wednesday our school had our STEAM Family Night.  A coworker and I planned most of it and it was A LOT of work!  All of our work paid off because we had a great turnout that night.  We had about 20 stations/activities and they were managed by some of our students and from the junior high school. 

On Saturday I ran a 5K presented by the Illinois Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (IALAS).  I heard about this race from one the administrators and got two of my coworkers to sign up (one couldn’t make it on race day).  It was a small but fun race!  Proceeds from this race went towards the IALAS Scholarship Program.

It was a very casual race with no chip time.  I started right at the front but then many people passed me up.  🙂 5Ks can be fun but are also tough.  I never know how to pace myself.  The best part of this race is that my coworker won Overall Female!

2019 ALAS 5K-9

I always complain about race swag but this time I actually like what was in the bag! 

I didn’t do good with my runs this week.  I had a great run on Monday and happily ran in shorts and a short sleeve top.  Then Mother Nature had one of her moods and brought back the cold weather.  Even though it did warm up a bit in the afternoon/evening, I had no desire to deal with the colder weather in the morning and definitely did not want to run after school.


Today we got more snow!  UGH!!

Linking up with Kim and Deborah for the Weekly Run Down.

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  1. Nice 5k, Zenaida! And for such a great cause too. You are right, the contents of that goody bag look awesome. I was a science teacher for over 30 years. Your STEAM night looks great. I would have had fun if I had attended!

  2. Ugh to more snow! It did not make it this far, thank goodness. Yesterday was spring and today is spring but there’s a good 20 degree difference!

    That does look like fun swag! 5ks are definitely hard. I lined up near the front of my race last week, even though I knew I had no real business doing so, and watched everyone pass me. I just tried to stay out of their way!

  3. What is up with this 2019 weather??? We finally merge out of winter, only to have it keep popping back….

    Great job on your 5K! I agree, they are tough to figure out with pacing. Thanks for joining us on the link-up!

  4. Snow?! What?! I agree that 5Ks are hard. I think I should be able to go so much faster but that last mile is tough no matter what the race distance. The STEAM program sounds great. I love that the arts are getting some love too.

    • I am glad I had a chance to organize it but hopefully next year it goes smoother.

      I rarely race 5ks and now I know why. I like the distance but yet at the same time so much pressure.

  5. 5k’s are challenging and I also have a hard time pacing myself on them. Can’t believe you all got snow again. It’s so hot and humid here today it feels like summer! Thanks for linking up w us!

  6. You aren’t kidding that 5ks can be tough! I had a harder time recovering yesterday than I do from a longer run. We’ve got 6 inches of snow on the ground at my house. Enough!

  7. What is up with the crazy weather, right? When the temps did get warm around here it was super windy. Not a fan of the wind either! Today was a chilly rainy day and my son had to referee two soccer games in the 41 degree temps. He earned his money today!!

  8. Congrats on planning such a successful event! Although a lot of work, it sounds like it was enjoyed by all.

    I can’t believe the crazy weather this week. We dealt with crazy humidity on Saturday and Chicago has snow – crazy!

  9. Chicago’s weather sounds like its been as crazy as Minneapolis was last week! Spring can just come back please 🙂

    5k’s are SO hard to pace…I find them very challenging as well!

    • I was supposed to run this morning and honestly did not want to deal with the cold and snow. Tomorrow it is. I would like to do another 5k just so I can get a PR.

  10. If you find a 5k hard, you’re doing it right! Congrats to your co-worker on the win! That’s a great swag bag. We had a STEAM for girls event at school this week. Tis the season for STEAM I guess.

    • Thanks Marcia! I was thinking the opposite (that I wasn’t doing it right) :-). I had to laugh when I saw the swag bag because you know how much I complain about them. Gotta love STEAM night because of the opportunities for girls (and boys too).

  11. that 5k sounds like fun and a GREAT cause! I can’t believe you guys have snow again! NOT NORMAL!!! (well… I can remember growing up in the Midwest a bit and I suppose it has happened before in April. Still! not normal!!)

  12. That was nice swag from that 5k! And that STEAM event you put on sounds pretty cool. Yuck about the snow 🙁 Hopefully that’s it for the year.

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