Random Thoughts Thursday

• You all know about my love for Ticonderoga pencils.  For sure it will be C and then A. 

LIfetime School Supplies-1.jpg

• Thanks to Facebook for the reminders.  Last year on April 15 was in the 70s.  This year we had snow.

• I don’t mess with sleep.  I’m a Scorpio and 1 hour is not enough.   

How much sleep-1.jpg

• I registered yesterday for the Publix Atlanta Half Marathon for next year.  I don’t remember having to answer these questions on other registration forms.  Seriously they want to know my marital status and ethnicity?

Race Registration-1.jpg

• Our administrators treated us to a salad bar.  It was totally unexpected but definitely nice.  It definitely inspired me to eat more salads during lunch.  I had two plates but was still hungry at 2pm (my lunch is at 11:30am).

Salad Bar-1

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  1. Taurus – 23 hours. What??

    I try to gt at least 7.

    I agree about salads. They taste great . But If I do not have carbs, I’m hungry later.

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