Random Thoughts Thursday

• How is it Thursday already?  This week is going by fast!  I’ve been busy with working with other committee members to plan next year’s reading and social studies curriculum.  It isn’t fun because it is a lot of work.  At least I am getting paid for that time or else I don’t think I would have signed up to do the committee work.

• Remember how last week I posted about the ridiculous prices to fly to Missoula, MT?  Friday morning I checked online again and found a “cheap” ticket.  I paid $557.  That was the cheapest price and it is a direct flight which I like.  Still, the price is ridiculous.

• I saw this too.  Why?

Missoula Flights-5.jpg

• Yep, that is me.

Older I get

• Yesterday I was making hotel reservations for my upcoming races in KS, MI, and GA.  Got good deals through Southwest but one of the reservations in Olathe, KS must be a mistake.  I paid $59 in a different hotel.  I checked again in two other places and they also list the same prices.  $999 for one room?  What is up with these prices?

Olathe, KS Hotel-3

Olathe, KS Hotel-2

Olathe, KS Hotel-1

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  1. Being at home doing nothing has become one of my favorite things 🙂 Sounds like a productive travel prep week! Wow, $999 for a hotel room? Hopefully that’s a mistake.

  2. Maybe clear out your cookies after looking at flights and hotels? For a hotel alternative, try air b&b or VRBO.

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