Random Thoughts Thursday

• I am usually a good driver.  I don’t speed and tend to follow the rules of the road.  Somehow I must have not been paying attention because I received two tickets for a red light violation.  Yes, TWO violations.  Yes, that was $200 I had to pay and it hurt me to pay those tickets.  

• I saw The Secret Life of Pets 2.  Such a funny movie.  I laughed throughout the entire movie.  I could definitely see it again.  Have you watched it?

• My mother spent 3 weeks in a nursing facility.  We received a bill for her and I was afraid to open it.  Happy to see that number in the bill.  🙂

Mother's Bill-1.jpg


• I have a checkbook and write a check once a month for my rent.  The other transactions in my checking account are Target charges, deposits from work, and ATM withdrawals.  I went to my bank to get more check registers.  Apparently they don’t have them anymore.  Chase doesn’t make too many of them anymore because customers don’t use them like before.  This girl does.  I added my name to a waitlist and was told it would be about 7 weeks before I can get one.  In the meantime I can use a small notebook to record my transactions.  Do you still have a register for your checkbook?

Small Notebook

• Say what?  I know periods suck but why would anyone do this?

Women in ER.jpg

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