Weekly Mileage-17.jpgThis week was another HOT one.  It seems like the AC has been working nonstop all day this week.  Check out the forecast for this week.  I am running a half marathon next Sunday.

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I decided to do another StepBet Challenge.  The first one I did was in the winter (at least it wasn’t that cold and I could walk outside).  You can read about it HERE.  My active and power goals are 1,000 fewer steps than the last one.  Definitely not complaining.  This week is a warm up week so I will not be eliminated if I don’t meet my goals this week.  Next week is when the fun part begins!



Monday’s 5 miles felt glorious.  The weather was in the 60s.  Sometimes I match and sometimes I don’t.  🙂  Later on that day I took my mother to the nephrologist.  Her appointment was at 2:15 and we saw the doctor an hour later.  We were there for about 15 minutes and the doctor told us we need to go back again next month.  I am happy I can take her to doctor appointments this summer since I am off.  Once I am back at work it will be a bit more difficult but I am sure I will manage.


Tuesday was 4 miles.  I was planning to run in the morning but that didn’t happen.  I went out in the evening instead.  It’s been a while since I’ve run in the evening.  It was glorious!

My next run wasn’t till Friday.  Well, that actually did not happen.  I had to run 5 miles and I started off too late.  I figured if I take it slow then it would be OK.  Nope.  I should have known better.  The sun felt like a furnace and I had to stop at mile 1.11.  I decided to try again that evening since I had an appointment at 7:30pm to see a house (about 2 miles away).  The plan was to run there, see the house, and then run back home.  That would make it a little over 5 miles for the day.  Why is it that when you have the “perfect” plan it never goes that way?  My realtor texted me about 3:00 asking if I could go earlier?  Umm, sure, but I knew I couldn’t run there.

I saw the house, liked it a lot, and told my agent I wanted to make an offer.  He then told me that the seller wanted to accept one by 8pm that evening.  I did a few errands (Target, Sam’s Club, and Walmart) before going home.  He then suggested an offer price to make.  It was way over what I was planning to spend.  I told him the maximum amount I was willing to offer and went to bed.  The next day he told me there was a chance that the buyer would consider the price I was willing to offer.  He then told me that the seller also wanted to know if “their buyer was willing to sign the as-is rider plus the rider “waiving the right to a home inspection” section.”  I said “No, thank you”.  No inspection?  Definitely not a good sign.  I guess that house wasn’t meant to be for me.

Well my running on Saturday did not go well.  I had to run 10 miles and met some friends at Waterfall Glen.  Maybe I should stop going there because the last time I was there, my run didn’t go well either.  🙂  I ran 5 miles and turned around but then the heel on my left foot was hurting a lot.  I stopped running at mile 7.37 and walked the rest back to my car.  At home I used a tennis ball to massage my foot and it felt so much better.


Saturday afternoon I to a party to celebrate my nephew’s daughter’s baptism.  It was a lot of fun and I got home late.  Well, that made it difficult to get up early in the morning for a run.  Running and a late party equals to sleeping in the next day.  🙂  I have another party to go to later on today which I am excited about.  I love these parties with my cousins.  We eat, talk, and laugh!!

I have a doctor appointment on the 25th (I thought it was this Thursday) and I will ask him about my foot and my left knee.  He is the one I saw when I got a muscle strain in my left calf muscle.  My knee makes a clicking/popping sound every time I bend it.  It doesn’t hurt but the sound worries me.

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23 Comments on Weekly Run Down: HOT in Chicago and another StepBet Challenge

  1. It was super hot here last week too – thank goodness for AC!

    I think you made the right decision regarding the house. That “no inspection” thing is a huge red flag! The right house at the right time will come!

    • When I first moved into this apartment there were only window units. Then eventually we got central air thanks for a program by the city for those that live by Midway Airport. Big difference! I don’t understand why a seller would not want the buyer to get a home inspection.

  2. I’m sorry about the house, but you were definitely wise to pass on it. Inspections are absolutely necessary. Too bad it also screwed up your running plans!

    Just think how fresh you’ll be for your half. 🙂 And enjoy your parties — you’re lucky to have cousins your age who live close. None of mine live close, and none of them are close to me in age, either.

    • Thanks Judy! I guess I am just tired of looking and waiting. I was hoping I could move during the summer and not during the school year. These are my cousins from my mother’s side (my mom’s sister). Her kids are similar ages to my siblings. Sort her. One of my cousins is 6 years younger than my mother. 🙂

  3. Too bad the house deal didn’t go your way, but I think you made the right decision. Buying a home without a home inspection is a recipe for disaster. You will find something that is right for you.

    Nice miles this week, especially in the heat! It is hot and humid here too – I come in from each run absolutely dripping!

  4. Your cat is adorable in that first pic
    I’m sorry about the house, but it sounds like you made the right decision

  5. Good for you on standing your ground on the house. “No inspection” is a no-go in my book. You at least have a right to know what you’re getting into! I have to admit, I’m too lazy to join a step bet. I know I wouldn’t reach my goal on non-running days, and have no interest in adding more walking to my other days. :-O Congrats on the baptism. Is your nephew’s daughter your grand-niece? Your niece once-removed? I never can remember. 😉

    • I think it is grand-niece. I think every buyer should have a right to a home inspection. Not sure why the seller did not want that. Oh well. I think you would meet your goal since you are always so active. You should try it.

  6. YOU were smart to pass on the house with their request for you to sign a no-inspection agreement. Umm…RED FLAG! Hope your foot feels better…is it Plantar’s Fasciitis? If so, I know the frustration with that condition. It;’s been a few years, but I remember that frustration well.

    • Definitely red flag. I did google plantar fasciitis and thought that’s what it was but still not sure. I will keep massaging it and hopefully the doctor will let me know for sure.

  7. The heat is such a killer for running. It’s so hard to get the timing right!

    I think you made the right decision about the house. No inspection? RED FLAGS EVERYWHERE!!

  8. It’s been SOOOO hot and humid here too so I hear you on that! I hope it cools off for your race or at least isn’t so humid.
    Good idea to not take the offer to not get an inspection on that house – that is a bad sign!! Glad your foot felt better after you rolled it and hope you have some better (and cooler!) runs this week…

    • We’re all suffering this summer with this hot weather. I don’t understand why a seller wouldn’t want an inspection done. Definitely a red flag. So far now the forest is rain and in the high 80s. It might cool down a bit then. 🙂

  9. I wish I could sleep in on my day off. My cat seems to think that I need to be out of bed by 6:30am every day, so if I’m sleeping, she’ll wake me up. Ugh. You have a good attitude about the house. It’s hard to not get too emotionally attached to a house early on, before you even own it! Something just right will come your way 🙂

    • Lola sometimes is a jerk and it up at 4 wanting me to feed her. I ignore her and she’ll let me sleep. But if I move the slight bit, she is next to the bed just waiting. The attitude is just temporary. I am really tired of waiting and looking. 🙂

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