Hey there!  How is everyone doing?  Cannot believe tomorrow is the last day of July.  Soon it will be August.  To me August means back to school; I am ready but also not ready to go back.

This week’s Tuesday Topic:  What are your favorite summer drinks to stay hydrated?  You can write about this topic, or feel free to post any running related blog post.  Remember to link-up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers!

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The number 1 item on my list is water.   Thankfully I am on summer break and can drink as much water as I want to.  During the school year is when I struggle.  Well, drinking water isn’t the hard part, it is finding someone to watch my classroom while I run to the bathroom.  Luckily the bathroom isn’t too far from my room but I either have to call the office or ask my coworker.

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Something else that I am enjoying is hibiscus tea.  I drink mine cold and it is delicious.  My sister brings the flowers from Mexico and I make it several times a week.  Some benefits of drinking hibiscus tea are that it may lower blood pressure, reduce blood sugar levels, and also lower cholesterol level.  A friend of mine also mentioned it is good for the swelling in my feet.  Not sure how accurate all of these reports are, but I drink it anyway because I like the flavor of it and it gives me a break from drinking just plain water.  <

I fill a pot with water (I think the one I have is 8 cups) and add 1/2 cup of dried hibiscus flower.  I let it boil and then let it steep.  Once it cools down, I then pour it in a plastic pitcher.  This pitcher usually lasts me a few days and then I make more.  You can also add honey or sugar to sweeten it but I prefer to drink it without it.

I don’t drink milk but do add it to my cereal or when making a smoothie.  A few years ago I switched to almond milk because cow milk would leave me bloated.  No bueno.  A couple of months ago I purchased almond milk chocolate milk and liked it a lot.  Sometimes I use it to make a smoothie or I add it to my coffee instead of coffee creamer.

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While it maybe not be the best way to stay hydrated, sometimes I like to have a beer or wine.  🙂  A nice and cold beer with a burger is so refreshing after a race or a run.  Oh and I like apple martinis too!


Beer or wine? Both?  Have you tried hibiscus tea?

Tuesday Topics

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18 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My favorite summer drinks to stay hydrated

  1. I have not tried hibiscus tea, but ti sounds good (and has some great benefits). I’m currently doing Invisalign (orthodontic treatment), so I can’t drink anything other than plain water unless I plan to brush/floss immediately afterwards.I have never been a plain water gal, but it has been a much easier transition than I’d anticipated.

  2. That hibiscus tea sounds delicious! Love that you’re able to make it fresh with the leaves from Mexico.

    • I am running out. My cousin is going this week so I am going to ask him to bring me more. I know I can buy it here but it is more expensive…I think.

  3. I start the day with coffee. I put almond milk in my oatmeal. I do love chocolate milk in my coffee too.

    I’m not great drinking water but that’s the only thing I drink while I run.

    Then there’s wine in the evening lol

  4. I love hibiscus tea — it does, indeed, have a lot of health benefits. But I like mine warm.

    I drink almond milk, but I mostly avoid the chocolate kind because of the sugar in it. There is an unsweetened chocolate almond milk — can’t remember the brand, probably Almond Breeze, and I have used that sometimes.

    I am mostly water/tea.

      • It’s yummy! But I know I’m strange, most everyone I know loves iced tea. It took me a long time to actually like regular tea — my parents were/are big tea drinkers & growing up I just hated it; I think mostly because they just drink black tea for the most part, which I’m not as fond of.

  5. Oh, I love hibiscus tea… and I love that you make it fresh (I always have trouble finding hibicus tea in prepackaged form). It’s so refreshing!

    My sister is a teacher and she has kidney problems and is supposed to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, but she has the same problem that you have that she is reluctant to drink a ton during the school year because she can’t just run to the bathroom any time she wants. It’s a dilemma!

    • That is one of the things I struggle with at school. I wish I could leave them alone in the room, but I can’t, and just go use the bathroom. I know you can buy hibiscus tea from Amazon.

  6. This is so funny – I had never heard of hibiscus being used in any kind of drink! But on Saturday, someone said they were going to start making juice using carrot and hibiscus; and now I see you use it in tea! The universe is clearly telling me I should try it!

Thank you for your comment!