Random Thoughts Thursday

• I saw this on Facebook and not sure what to say.  Kindergarten teachers are supposed to teach kids how to tie their shoes?  Umm, shouldn’t parents do that?

Tie shoes.jpg

• Excited to plan for Hawaii next year.  I was supposed to go 10 years ago but cancelled because I was hired as a new teacher and had to go to orientation.

2020 Kona Half Marathon-1

• This made me sad.  I have seen so many little ones struggling to make friends and it breaks my heart.  I tell my students to be nice to everyone and to always include their classmates if they see them by themselves.  

Kids returning to school.jpg

• My Peloton bike was delivered on Tuesday.  I didn’t plan correctly since I need cycling shoes to use it.  I ordered some on Amazon and am supposed to get them today.  

Peloton Bike-3

• Another Lola picture because she is cute.  I don’t think she likes that the bike takes up so much of “her” space in the living room.  


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  1. How exciting that your bike arrived! I’m sure that you’ll love it.

    HI is one of my favorite places. Only been to the big island once. Can’t quite make up my mind which island I should do. Personally think I need to do the 4 larger islands. 🙂

    Lola is definitely cute & obviously I’m okay with dog/cat photos (or other cute animals).

  2. I have a list of developmental skills for my patients that I go through at every well child exam. I took “ties own shoes” off the kindergarten checklist because NO kid can do it.

    • I am curious to know what other things are on your list. At what point should they know how to tie their shoes? I’ve had quite a few of my students that don’t know.

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