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I felt much better this week and wan’t as tired like last week.  One of my students didn’t show up this week so that left me with a total of 14.  However, I got a new student on Thursday and another one on Friday.  Now I have 16 which is still a good number of students to have.

I did not run much this week but at least it was 4.05 miles.  🙂  This time it wasn’t because I didn’t want to, it was because I couldn’t.  On Monday morning I set out to run 6 miles.  I noticed a slight pain in my left foot but didn’t think too much of it.  At mile 3 is when the pain started to get unbearable.  I stopped at 4.05 miles and walked the rest of the way home.  I was almost in tears because my foot was hurting so bad.  I knew it was because of the plantar fasciitis.  My foot had been feeling fine the past couple of weeks.  It would feel tight in the morning but then felt better later on in the day.

In the afternoon I got together with my cousins for some gorditas.  They were so good.  I ate 3 and then kind of regretted it.  Definitely not the healthiest thing to eat but definitely yummy.

No running so I got on the Peloton.  I had some great and challenging workouts.  The classes were mostly 15 or 20 minutes.  I know, not much but it was all I could handle for now.  Soon I will increase the minutes.  I would start sweating as soon as I increased the resistance but overall I felt so good after each class.  My favorite was the one with the 80s music!  I also enjoyed biking in Hawaii.

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I am so glad I bought cycling shoes instead of toe cages to use with my running shoes.  Oh, and my bottom would get sore so I bought a seat cover and now it is much better.  🙂

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I’ve heard so many great things about the OOFOS Recovery Sandals and thanks to BibRave got a pair to review.  Wow!  They’re amazing and I did not want to take them off.  I’ve been wearing them every single day when I get home from work.

Check out the ones coming soon!  I am not running the Chicago Marathon this year but do love the sandals and the design.


I love it when Staley Da Bear visits our school to promote the Tales to Tackle Program (geared towards reading and learning).  The kids love him.  The announcer asked the students why he had the number 100 on his shirt and they responded that it was because it was the 100th day of school.  That made me laugh!  It was the 7th day of school but sure felt like 100th.  🙂

I am jealous of everyone running.  More now because we had some nice fall weather which was perfect for running.  I am hoping I can run again this week.  How was your week?

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20 Comments on Weekly Run Down: A fun week and plantar fasciitis pain is back

  1. OUCH!! PF is nothing to mess with or ignore. For me, it always helped to massage my feet (especially the arches) for 5-10 minutes immediately upon waking up (before getting out of bed). That loosened up the fascia underneath and made those first 20 steps to the bathroom bearable.

  2. I’ve had PF several times, most notably when I was training for Big Sur. It was awful. To train, I did deep water pool running and put my bike in the trainer. But no standing up in the pedals. I’ve tried everything for PF and my personal feeling is that it just needs time to get better. Just behave and don’t aggravate it. Do your stretches and whatever you need to do. Fingers crossed it heals quickly.

  3. Sorry about your foot. Mine has been annoying too, so I’m back to obsessive rolling and icing of it. Glad Peloton did well by you in the interim
    Is it normal for your number of students to fluctuate like this?

    • Ugh, that sucks that you are dealing with it too. Hope it goes away too in time for your marathon. It varies by year. Last year I had 22 students through most of the year but then ended with 20.

  4. So sorry to read about your plantar. I had that once and I know – it is not fun! You are smart to give it a rest and keep up your fitness in other ways.

  5. Sorry to hear you can’t run. I went through this this summer and it’s so frustrating… but also it was a great opportunity to do all sorts of fun workouts I had neglected while I was so busy running… hope you get better soon though!!

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