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Fall!  I LOVE it!  It is my favorite season.  I ran on Monday morning which felt GREAT.  However, I did not took one single picture which is weird because I take a picture at almost every run.  But I swear I did run.  🙂

I stayed late at work on Tuesday but still did a 45 minute workout on the Peloton.  I finished just in time to shower and watch “NCIS”.  Anyone a fan?  Did you see Ziva?  

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Wednesday was a half day at school and our Open House.  I had planned to run in the morning but woke up too late.  The day dragged with meetings.  The last meeting was the worst and we were happy when it was finally 4pm.  Then we had to go back to school to finish setting up for our Open House.

I was very disappointed with that evening.  I have 16 students.  Many reminders were sent to parents.  Yet, only 3 of them showed up.  One showed up at 8pm just as I was turning off my Promethean board and the Principal was making an announcement that Open House was over.  The mom told me that they had been at the school earlier but her son did not tell her his classroom number.  Umm, what?!?!?  I was very ANNOYED.

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I was exhausted Thursday and Friday.  Yeah, no time to run in the morning either.  I did not stay late after school either and left right at 3.  I did feel better by Friday evening and was in bed by 9:30pm.

Saturday morning I woke up early to catch up on blogs and Instagram.  But my little guy had a different idea.  


Then they both went back to sleep. 


I went out to run 3 miles.  I did get a little cold and had to go back inside for a long sleeve.  Luckily it has stopped raining but it was drizzling just a little bit.  I found a penny!

In the afternoon I watched “Rocketman” and “Yesterday”.  I enjoyed “Rocketman”!  It was a great movie.  I didn’t know anything about Elton John (except that he had some great songs).  I would love to see him in concert.

Sunday morning I ran 6 miles.  I struggled during this run but got it done.  Hard to believe that my half marathon is in 3 weeks.  Yikes!  I had another Garmin record but do not see it in the summary from today’s run.

Have you seen Elton John in concert?  If not, let’s take a road trip.  Even if you have, let’s go!

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20 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Fall is here and Open House

  1. Congrats on your 6 miler! That’s longer than you’ve been able to run in a while, so no wonder it was tough. Mateo is getting bigger, I have a feeling that the next time we see him on your computer he’ll be taking up the full keyboard!

  2. I’ve missed a bit on your blog! I thought you were running the Chicago marathon, did I remember incorrectly?

    I’m so sorry parents didn’t come to your open house night. 3 out of 16 is not good 🙁 and I know the teachers work hard on that stuff. All that effort for not much 🙁

    your kitties are so adorable 🙂 mine are constantly on my laptop if i leave it open and walk away for 5 seconds…

  3. We have the same issues with parents at our clinic as you do at school! They show up late for their appointments for the kids or they don’t show up at all. I just don’t get it. That must be so disheartening, as a teacher.

    • I try not to judge parents but that is seriously ridiculous. One parent did not go because her other son was playing soccer. Mind you this is the same parent that complained the next day about me because I don’t give homework. I had talked to her a few weeks ago about the homework already.. Some parents simply suck.

  4. Yes, I have seen Sir Elton, twice actually. Once on his own, and the other time was when he toured with Billy Joel. He’s a musical genius 😉 Bummer about the open house and the lack of interest in the parents…that’s heart-breaking.

  5. Ok, let’s talk about Garmin…. I ran a slow (for me) 5K with my friend today. I was pacing her. This was probably my slowest race, yet when I glanced down at my watch, it said I had a new 5K PR! OH MY. It’s just whack. Your kitties are adorable. I keep my cat off my laptop, although she totally would love it there, but she is always sitting on the magazines I’m trying to read! Apparently I am ignoring her. haha!

    • That was the 2nd time that had happened to me. I am thinking of sending a tweet to Garmin to let them know. Cats want attention only when they ask for it. Other times they want to be left alone. 🙂

  6. Gosh, that’s so disappointing about the Open House. We always went to our kids’ “back to school” nights, which sound similar. I am longing for fall weather and can’t imagine being cold!

    • We had a “Meet the Parent” for about an hour on the Monday before the first day of school. I think 2 parents showed up? This was during the day. Open House was in the evening. How much more convenient can we make it for parents?

    • You got bored?!?!? What? That is how I felt when I watched Hamilton. As soon as I started watching the movie I knew I was going to love it. I love the Peloton but now am trying to fit in my running schedule. I have not joined any FB groups? Are they helpful? I try not to join too many group because people post too much.

  7. Fall is by far my favorite season too. I’m looking forward to the perfect running weather and more trails. I have not seen either of those movies, but I do like Elton John’s music – my mom would play it all the time when I was growing up.

    • This weather is seriously insane! Does not feel like Fall. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will make it out again to Waterfall Glen and The Morton Arboretum. I haven’t been there in months.

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