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I love that I was able to do all of my workouts this week.  So many different weather changes this week.  I was hot on Tuesday and then cold by Saturday.

September 2019 Mileage

I ended the month with 29.46 miles.  It was my second lowest after February which was 21.52 miles.

I had a committee meeting on Tuesday and didn’t have to be at work till 8:30.  I got up to run since I thought I had a longer workout but then realized I had to run 3 miles.  I kept putting it off thinking I had time, since it was “only” 3 miles, but then lost track of time and did not run.  I did run later in the evening but it was 90 degrees.  Man it was tough!

I actually enjoyed my workout on Wednesday (2 mile warmup, 1×8 minute intervals with 2 minutes recovery, and 1 mile warmup).  I was out by 5am and it was nice to be out in the dark and quiet.  I have been struggling to be out there running in the morning but once I am there, it is kind of relaxing.  I feel like I am in my own world with no worries.

I was cold Friday morning to run 3 miles.  But I still wore shorts.  🙂  During my run I thought about my kids.  I have 16 total but only 3 are reading at grade level.  A few are close to grade level and the rest are reading at the beginning of 1st grade level.  Every year it is worse and we don’t understand why these kids aren’t reading at grade level.  Is it a language issue or a learning disability?  I have an interventionist coming in to work with these kids but only 1 (maybe 2, still need to get confirmation) will be pulled out for additional support.  Why aren’t the other students receiving more support?  Who knows?  But I do know that some interventionists are also working with some 5th graders.  Huh?

I procrastinated on Saturday for my long run.  I don’t like doing that because then things happen and then I don’t end up doing what I intended to do.  I went out at 11am to run 6 miles.  It was sunny but not too cold.  I wore shorts again.  It is beginning to look like Fall!


I am glad I did all of my runs this week.  My plantar fasciitis is definitely much better and I am happy about it.  Two weeks to go till the Detroit Free Press/TCF Half Marathon!

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29 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Low month and still wearing shorts

  1. Ha, ha, I know that Saturday morning procrastination so well. On weekdays I’m really good about starting my workout first thing b/c it’s then or never. In the summer I usually don’t delay my runs too much b/c of the heat but now that it’s cooler I definitely use every excuse I can find to delay my runs.

    Glad that the PF is outta here!

  2. I SOOOO wanted to wear shorts for my long run on Friday, but it was 41F at 5:30 when I started, and I didn’t think that would be comfortable right outta the gate. Have you run Detroit before (I can’t remember if I’ve seen a recap from the past or not). That race has been on my bucket list for awhile (since I used to live in Michigan)…I’ll be curious to hear all about it!

  3. I am so glad to hear your PF is better! And that the weather is cooler but still good for shorts – I think that’s perfect. Interesting thoughts on your kids — keep us posted on their progress.

    • I love my kids and want to help them as much as I can. I just get really discouraged when I am faced with so many challenges and I don’t know how to best help them.

  4. The weather this week was definitely interesting to say the least, lol. We had all 4 seasons this week – it was crazy!

    I love that you want the best for the kids that you teach. Please keep up updated on their progress this year. I hope that their reading will improve this year.

  5. We had some big weather changes this week too! Glad you are feeling better!
    What grade do you teach? I am always considering how social-emotional factors play into academics. Its not always related, but I’ve found that often times other issues are impacting how students are learning. Just something to keep in mind!

    • I teach 2nd grade. We don’t have a lot of parent support. They think that we are there to teach them everything. Over the years I’ve heard comments of what is expected as teachers. I do get frustrated but pick my battles. I can do control what goes on in my classroom. P/T conferences are next month and either some will be surprised to hear what I have to say or will hear what they already know.

  6. I am sure you will rock your half. I always try to compete against myself and the course. Just like playing golf. You are very experienced, so I know you will do your best!

  7. Great news that your foot is doing a lot better! We had weird weather last week too, 90 degrees during the week and then down to the 40s for my Saturday morning run.

    • Thank you. Unfortunately many parents don’t read to or with them. Now it is all about the technology which is sad. I encourage a lot of reading in my room to get them excited but I don’t want it to get to the point that they will resent it.

  8. glad the PF is getting better and you got your runs in this week! it is really sad about the kids’ reading levels 🙁 how do they progress if they don’t have a certain level? do you have lots of bilingual kids in class?

    I’ve been watching the weather reports… and I have to say I think I have all seasons covered for the next 10 days in Chicago! everything from short sleeves to gloves, scarves and an umbrella just in case 😀

    • OMG, I hope I meet you! I will be around mile 17.5 cheering with friends and looking for a friend so I can jump in and run with her.

      All of my kids are bilingual. Most of first generation and are learning both English and Spanish. The sad thing is that sometimes I feel like I am teaching them Spanish instead of in Spanish. Big difference. Some parents don’t understand that the most important education is at home.

  9. I didn’t realize you were running Detroit! It’s so close to me. I have never run it though! What were you wearing that was so reflective in your Friday picture? It looks like a tank top, but I have a feeling it’s not… I’m glad your PF is feeling so much better. That’s great!

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