Hello there!  How is it that it is already November?  Two more months till the end of 2019.  November is my birthday month so that with Thanksgiving Day (and break) makes it my favorite month.   🙂

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This week I did not run at all.  I meant to but just couldn’t and didn’t want to get out there.  I did take one Peloton class but was so bored with the music that I just zoned out of it.  

We got snow on Wednesday and Thursday.  Ugh!  I hate it.  Plus, it is so early in the year for snow.


On Wednesday we had our Monster Math Family Night.  For sure I thought families would not show up because of the weather.  It had stopped snowing but it was cold and windy.  We had so many families show up.  It was a fun night!

On Thursday my kids were EXCITED.  We had a fun day!  We did some work but we also colored, watched a movie, and did a fun math activity.

Marked safe

The picture on the right is my car after school on Thursday.  The one on the right is from Friday morning. 🙁

Friday was the end of the 1st Quarter.  Yep, 10 weeks working with my 2nd graders.  That means 30 more to go.  Sigh.  10 weeks felt like a lifetime.  I really shouldn’t complain since I “only” have 16 students, but it’s been very challenging due to the different levels and some behavior issues.  

So that night I went out with friends for dinner and drinks.  We ordered a pitcher of cucumber margarita.  It was so good.  I drank it like I hadn’t drank any water at all.  Yeah, I paid the price of it later since I woke up with a slight headache on Saturday morning.  

Who else watched the NYC Marathon?  I am a huge Desi fan and was rooting for her to win.  She had a lead but ended up in 6th place.  

I had no desire to ever run the NYC Marathon but now watching the race got me motivated.  I entered the early drawing for 2020.  I am also going to enter the MCM lottery and hopefully get selected for one of the marathons.

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Have you run the NYC Marathon?  What are your marathons plans for 2020?

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24 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Crazy weather and end of the quarter

  1. Sounds like a fun Halloween! I guess I thought you were a CPS teacher, but clearly not!

    I don’t plan on running anymore marathons and for sure not NYCM. I don’t think my body would hold up very well!

    • Many people think that. I actually work in Cicero. I told myself that I would run a marathon when I am done with my half marathons. It looks like I might be done next year. 🙂 Maybe I got caught up with the NYC Marathon excitement. We’ll see what happens.

  2. I would totally suggest doing NYCM! It’s a super long day because you have to wait on Staten Island for a long time, but the race itself is magical!

  3. Good luck with NYCM and/or MCM! I’m hoping to do the Air Force marathon next September. I’d hoped to do it this year, but couldn’t commit due to logistics and schedule. This crazy winter weather is arriving TOO SOON!

  4. There are definitely no Marathon plans here & I didn’t watch it either. I don’t watch a lot of tv & I was getting ready to leave then on the road. Pretty sure I’ll be hearing about it though.

    Good luck with the lotteries!

  5. I missed watching NYCM this year cuz I was at the gym. I definitely recommend that race if you can get in. I ran in 2014 and loved it. That said, MCM is a great one as well. Glad to hear you had a good turnout for Monster Math!

  6. I ran NYC in 2017 when Shalane won! It was a very cool experience, but so hard to get into and the logistics are definitely challenging..but worth it!

    I was for sure rooting for Des…I love her.

    • I don’t like the logistics either and that is one of the reasons I never had any interest in it. I guess I am so used to the Chicago Marathon and how easy it is to get to. Well for me it is easy.

  7. No on the snow! We had our first dusting here but it was in the town where I work and we haven’t had any at home yet. If I were going to run any of the majors, it would be NY. Good luck and I hope you get in

  8. I haven’t run NY, but now I did catch the bug too. And on top of that, I’m thinking I need to do the marathon majors because I already have Boston, so why not, right?? But with my kids schedule at this time of year it really wouldn’t be an ideal time to travel to NY (or even Chicago). Saving that idea for another year 🙂 . Maybe that will be our quest when the kids get in college!

  9. oh my gosh your weather is CRAZY! my husband actually said to me last week that he wants to go to Chicago in the dead of winter to see for himself if the stories I’ve told of my childhood there are true. I’m like dude, it snowed already there, can’t you just believe me? hahaha! Glad you had a good Halloween with your kids – teaching is hard and I have a lot of respect for the challenges you guys have.

    I watched the marathon! We had friends from here running so we were following the app and watching the elites! I was rooting for Desi too! love her! I do want to run NYC but I really want to run Chicago first. So I had to stop myself from entering the lottery today. I hope you get one of the races you want! Wouldn’t it be crazy if you got both???

    • It would be a difficult decision to make if I do get into both. But I don’t think I will be able to do both? Or can I? 🙂 Yes, you have to run Chicago first. It is an amazing race!

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