Random Thoughts Thursday

• Another Smudge meme.  Haha, they’re all so funny.

Smudge Meme-2.jpg

• This is so me.  I also don’t have pictures of kids to show you but I have plenty of Lola and Mateo.  🙂

Friends having babies meme.jpg

• Anyone play this game?  If you don’t, make sure to get it.  I bought mine on Amazon.  You can play with the chips that come with the game, but we like to use money.  We use quarters and have also played with dollars.

LCR Game-1.jpg

 • Another “crazy” weather day here.  Beautiful and gorgeous day yesterday in Chicago.  Now if only the rest of Winter were like that too.

Chicago Weather-10

• Please ask me why I don’t have a big Christmas tree.  🙂

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  1. I didn’t know that meme was called ‘Smudge’. I actually had to google the background story on it. Very interesting, a real cat celebrity! 😊 Thanks, I learned something today. 😃

  2. We play LRC with big bucks at a conference i go to in January… everyone throws in 20s…haha…

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