WARNING: I fell so you will see some not so pleasant photos.  

This week was very low mileage.  I cannot use the excuse that I was tired or that it was too cold, what happened is that I fell.  It was a bad fall.  

I went running on Tuesday.  I was looking forward to my run because the last time I ran was a week ago on New Years Day.  My run was “only” 3 miles.  Not too much and it was an easy run.  I had finished 2 miles when I tripped and fell.  I landed on the left side of my face.

I couldn’t believe it.  The last time I fell was sometime last year in July.  It hurt and I cried as I walked back home.  I used my phone to check the damage and was horrified.  It did look better once I got home and showered.  I thought the dark area on the cheek was a bruise but it was actually dirt.

This was after I showered.  Doesn’t look that bad, right?

Throughout the week I made sure to use ointment and bandages to cover the cuts.  However, I am totally convinced that from now on, VapoRub is the only thing to use.  My bruise is healing and doesn’t look as bad.  It does sting a little when I put it on my face but then it actually feels good.

So no, I haven’t run.  I haven’t run because of my knees and I am afraid to fall…again.  I know eventually I have to get over the fear but for now I am taking a break to wait for my knees to heal.  Once I start running again, most likely I will run on the treadmill.  For longer runs I will go to the trail.  If I fall, then at least I won’t land on the concrete.  I stopped my training with my coach.  I have a race in Atlanta on March 1, and while I still want to go and run, deep down inside I know I won’t be ready?  Or will I?

I am annoyed that I fell again.  However, I am grateful I didn’t break anything.  It was a hard fall (worse than the previous ones) as seen from the pictures, but I am doing much better.  I believe things happen for a reason, but have NO idea why this happened.  Maybe to stop running?

I hope you had a great week!  Hopefully yours was better than mine!  🙂  

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  1. Oh Zenaida, that looks bad! You must have fallen awfully hard.
    You know what? I think you should take a break from running for a little while. It’s ok to do so. You have a lot on your plate and I think now might be a good time to just take a brief rest. Breathe. And then, once you feel ready, start again with renewed energy!
    Wishing you a speedy recovery and a very relaxing Sunday afternoon!

  2. Oh Zenaida I’m so sorry. That is a bad fall and I’m sure you are terribly shaken up. I don’t blame you for wanting to take a break. I think it’s a good idea. I do think changing it up and focusing on a different physical activity (cycling, swimming, strength) would do you a world of good.

  3. Ouch! I don’t blame you for being scared to get back out there. Maybe using your bike for a few weeks will help. I really kept up my fitness with mine when I was not able to run.

  4. Ouch. That looks painful. I am so sorry you fell and I totally get that you’re scared to go out there again. Take a break and rest!

  5. I’m so sorry Zenaida. It looks really painful. 🙁 Winter running, even when there isn’t really much out there, is just so hard.

    I’m also really sorry that you’ve struggled so much with races lately. I really hope that your luck turns around — you are overdue for some good running!

    That is part of why I run so much on the treadmill when the weather is just a bit iffy. I’m ok with it for shorter runs. It doesn’t take much to trip us up. 🙁

    Feel better, and then ease back into it & just see how you feel.

  6. Oh, Zenaida! I am so sorry about your fall. You were smart to take some time off. I would be shook up too. I hope you can run your race in Atlanta in March. Maybe a different activity would be good for a while.

  7. I am so sorry, this could have happened to any of us. I’ve banged up my knees and hands from falls but the face is a deal breaker. Take care of yourself <3 Running will be there when you are ready to come back to it.

    • Thank you. My face is healing pretty nicely but my knees are still sore. I mean they’re still some bruised spots around the kneecap. That make sense because when I fell, I landed first (hard) on my knees then my face.

  8. Oh man, I’m so sorry 🙁 Falling is always such a scary experience. I am happy that you didn’t break anything or injure yourself. Maybe do some Peloton workouts for a while? That way you can keep up your fitness without running.

  9. I am so sorry about your fall Zenaida. It looks really painful. I hope it’s feeling better each day and I hope people aren’t staring and being rude. I hope they’re being kind.

    Def take time off if you feel like it. I fell hard in December and took almost three weeks off to heal. I still have a bit of pain but can run now, but wouldn’t be able to if I had pushed through then!

    Heal fast! Hugs!

    • Thanks. Surprisingly no one said anything. I went to the dentist on Monday for a cleaning and not one word. So weird. It is so much better. Well, my face looks better. The bruise is almost gone but my knees are still bruised and sometimes it hurts a little tiny bit when I walk.

  10. Ouch! That looks so painful. I’m glad you didn’t break anything. I can’t blame you for taking a break. Give yourself time to heal.

    • I keep telling myself that I could have done some real damage to my knees and face. The bruise on my face has healed and now can barely see it but my knees are still a little purple. Taking my time but now I am itching to go for a run..on the treadmill. 🙂

  11. Holy ouch! I agree with the others, a short break may do you some good while things heal. Running is great, but there are so many other alternatives to utilize 🙂 Take care!

    • Thanks, Kim. I am enjoying my break but part of me now wants to run. Of course fow now it will be on the treadmill. I almost went out on Thursday morning just to see how I would do but woke up late. Maybe I am not ready. We’ll see.

  12. Oh no! That looks so painful. I’m glad that you didn’t break anything. Give yourself time to figure out what you want. If it’s running, it will always be there.

    • Thank you. I agree. I am thankful I didn’t break anything. I landed hard on my knees and that is that is why they’re still bruised. My face is healing and can barely see any bruises.

  13. Ouch! I can understand needing a break after that fall. I have had some bad falls on my knees, but landing on your face sounds so scary. I hope you heal up soon!

  14. I’m so sorry about your fall! I can totally understand needing a break. I hope you heal up quickly. Take however long you need. I’m sure its hard to imagine getting back out there after that kind of fall.

  15. OUCH. Glad you’re OK. I don’t blame you for wanting a mental break as much as physical while the knees heal. Take care of yourself

  16. Ugh, sorry about the fall, that looks really painful! I think it makes sense to take a break while your knees heal up. Trying to run while your knees still hurt could lead to your gait changing and things hurting even more. Fingers crossed for a quick recovery!

    • Thank you. I didn’t think about it but you are right. I was walking the other day and noticed some discomfort in my left knee. Looks like that is where most of the damage is. I’ll see how I feel this weekend and hopefully run on the treadmill.

  17. Ugh! That looks so uncomfortable! I am so sorry you fell like that 🙁

    I can’t believe VapoRub is doing the trick! I imagine it’s like fire going on!

    Get better soon!

    • Thank you. I was uncomfortable the first few days but then felt better. My knees are still sore and bruised. Haha, my mother was right! VapoRub cures everything!!! 🙂 It did burn a little in the beginning but then it was fine.

  18. Holy crap! That sounds awful. I’m so sorry to hear this 🙁 I still won’t run on our sidewalks because I took a bad fall one time, so I totally understand how you are feeling. I hope you heal up fast. I’m sure your students were surprised!

  19. oh man that is a bad fall! I’m so sorry Zenaida. Please don’t let fear stop you though. Obviously a little break is understandable. I had a bad fall about a year or so ago where I actually bruised my ribs! I couldn’t believe it. I was just chatting with another runner and BAM! Right on the pavement. It sucks. It really does. I’m so glad you are healing now.

    • Thank you! I am annoyed at myself for letting fear win over. For now I am taking a break from running on the sidewalk. Hopefully this week I can run on the treadmill. I also plan to also run at Waterfall Glen. At least if I fall there, it is trail and not pavement. 🙂

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