How did this week go by fast?  I thought I was ready to run last week (I even signed up at another gym) but could not wake up on time.  Then my left knee was hurting a little so I guess it was a sign that I wasn’t ready yet.

Let me explain about the gym.  I have Blue Cross Blue Shield.  They have a Fitness Program in which I pay $25 per month and I can sign up at various gyms in the network.  There are gym like Blink, Charter Fitness, and Planet Fitness.  Now I have another gym I can go to.  I’ve heard good things about Blink and was looking forward to going there.  

I don’t think I’ve ever linked up with Kim and Deborah in which there was no running during the week.  A few times I ran maybe once or twice but never not running.  Oh well, there is always a first time.

This week I used the Peloton 4 times.  That’s the most in one week!  Cody is my favorite instructor.  He is so fun and I enjoy all of his classes.  Today’s class was all 80s music and I liked all of the songs except one.

Peloton Workout-11

Mateo keeping me company.


On Monday I had to take  my car for an emissions test (it passed) and then bought my license plate sticker (I paid over $150 for it).  I couldn’t buy said sticker until the emissions test.  Then I went to the dentist.  I’ve been going to the same dentist for over 20 years!

I know I shouldn’t be complaining about the weather but it is cold today.  We even got snow on Friday.

I went out this morning to do laundry and to stop at Target.  I am not planning to leave my house till tomorrow.  I tried this new to me soap after reading Wendy’s post.  Anyone else uses it?

Sport Suds-1.jpg

Better, right?

Fall accident-13

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Linking up with Kim and Deborah for the Weekly Run Down.

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39 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Almost 100% recovered and still no running

  1. Mateo is such a cute audience
    I feel like with all the Peloton love in the linkup that your cycling is very on brand
    I love Blink! I’ve been going since August 2.5 years ago after a ridiculously detailed hunt for a new gym. The price is great, both locations that I use regularly are well maintained, although one isn’t cool enough to my liking in summer.

  2. It looks like everything is healing nicely after your fall last week. In am glad that you are feeling better and were able to take Peloton classes so many days last week!

  3. Way to crush the Peloton workouts! Something is better than nothing. The healing is coming along great!

  4. Way to go on your Peloton workouts. You’re killing it!

    I’m glad you’re recovering from your fall so well – you look much better! This is week number three of me linking up without having run the previous week. Here’s hoping that turns around soon!

    • That fall was definitely an experience. In a way I was tired of not doing anything (which is weird because sometimes I like doing nothing) so I was happy with my Peloton workouts.

  5. Yay that you’re back on the mend! Our real feel is -2 and I’m complaining! Boo to winter.

  6. Don’t feel bad for not running! It may be our sport of choice (for the most part), but there definitely other things out there that will get the cardio going and feel just as good. Your scars look so much better!

    • Thanks, Kim. You are right. I just didn’t want to bore anyone with my post. 🙂 I should also write more about my days at school. Kids do and say the funniest things!

  7. I’m glad that you’re crosstraining while you’re waiting to feel better! And I’m still loving that soap! Actually, I just finished a load of laundry of my workout clothes and they are so fresh and clean!

  8. Your injury looks much better already! So great you have the option of a Peloton when not running. I am sure it’s an effective way of keeping up your cardio fitness.

    • I think the songs is what makes it more fun! When I pick a workout, I make sure to select my favorite instructor and that music genre. I can do 90s too but some are not that great.

    • Thank you! Sometimes I feel burnt out and have no desire to run. This time I do want to run. I did make it to the gym this week but what I really want to do is run outside.

  9. Your injuries look SO much better. I’m so glad you’re healing!

    Look at all that snow and ice! Brrrr!

    Love your Peloton workouts. Great job. And Mateo did great work supporting you! What a cutie pie.

  10. The injuries from the fall look a lot better! And yay for all those peloton rides :). Mateo looks like he’s doing some kitty yoga to join you in the working out.

  11. Your face is looking so much better! Yeah it was a good week to skip running. Winter is here for sure. Glad you’re enjoying the Peloton!

  12. Biking is a great way to stay fit when you don’t run. I wish I had a Peleton. I tried it at my hotel. Loved it.

    Hope you are back to running next week.

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