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It is race week!  I ran one day and took it easy the rest of the week.  I felt some discomfort in my right quad.  Ugh!  I am annoyed about it but there isn’t much I can do about it.  Not sure if and when I will run this week before my race.

I was off today and went to the gym.  Watched “Narcos Mexico” while running.  Felt good but tired at the end.

Not a very exciting week.  Good news is that I cancelled my hotel reservation in Atlanta and will be sharing a room with another Oiselle friend.  At least now I will have some company and my hotel cost won’t be expensive.  School was the same with my students.  I have my days when I like my job and then also days when I don’t.  

While I am excited for Summer break, the other day I applied to teach summer school.  I wasn’t going to do it but then decided to go for it since the work is easier than during the regular school year, there are fewer hours and fewer students.  Plus, it is nice to earn some extra cash.

I went to see a house on Monday and I was so disappointed.  It was a good price but it needed a lot of work.  I don’t mind fixing a few things here and there but this house required a whole lot more.  I found out the other day that the owners have accepted an offer.  I did not think it would sell that fast since really I thought it was a horrible house.  Anyway, back to looking.  The goal is to move this summer.  I don’t know how much longer my landlord will allow me to continue living in the apartment.

Thursday was National Love Your Pet Day.  Both of my cats are rarely together and when they are, I make sure to take a picture.

How was your week?  I am sure it was much more exciting than mine.  🙂

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29 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Race week and “taper” mode

  1. Good for you for sharing a hotel in Atlanta and saving costs! I really hope you will soon find a house that you like. It will make such a difference – especially when you have a washing machine!

    • Thanks! I had forgotten how much my hotel cost was until I cancelled my reservation. The money I saved I can now buy another pair of shoes. Haha, just kidding. Really I have no need for another pair.

  2. Thanks for reminding me to cancel my Atlanta hotel! I was going to go and hangout with my daughter but now she’s got a sorority event in April I’m going to instead. Enjoy your race and the weekend!

    • Thanks, Marcia! I like it that for hotel reservations you don’t have to pay in advance and then can cancel without a charge/fee. Once I cancelled too late but still was not charged.

  3. Sorry about your quad 🙁 I hope that it feels better this week and the race goes well! I love that photo of your cats together, mine rarely are together either.

  4. Good luck house hunting. Hope you find the right one soon.

    Sorry about your pain. You are smart to rest.

    Smarter than me. Lol.

    • Thanks, Darlene. It hasn’t been fun but it needs to be done. I am just tired of looking. I hope it doesn’t bother me on Sunday. Regardless I will be taking it nice and slow.

  5. I’m glad you found alternate arrangements for Atlanta.

    House hunting is hard. There are times I would like to move, but then I think about the process and say “nah.” Hopefully you find something great soon!

    Take care of that quad!

  6. Hope your quad is feeling better by the race – but I’m sure you will have fun this weekend regardless!

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