Random Thoughts Thursday

• I was not selected to run the NYC Marathon in November.  Yes, I am disappointed but I am also going to apply for the MCM lottery.  Now if I don’t get picked for that either, then I will be disappointed as well.

NYC Marathon Entry-2.jpg

• Anyone giving up anything for Lent?  I remember as a kid my mother would tell us of the “importance” of giving something up.  Yeah, that did not continue as I got older. 🙂

Give up for Lent.jpg

• How awesome is Molly Seidel?  She ran on Sunday in the Olympic Marathon Trials.  It was her first marathon ever and qualified for the 2020 Olympics.  Let me remind you that it was windy and it was a HILLY course.

2020 Marathon Oympic Trials-27

• After my race on Sunday, I went to The National Center for Civil and Human Rights.  If you are ever in Atlanta make sure to go there.  The things these segregationists said is mind boggling.  I wonder what their relatives think about them now and about what they said?


•  Is it rude to correct someone when they post a typo on social media?  For example, I have seen people write “Sunday’s” when they mean “Sundays”.  What would you do?  It just drives me crazy.


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  1. Sorry about NYC. Maybe next year. I’ll come cheer you on.

    I have a friend that posts frequently on FB and there’s always a typo. Drives me crazy.

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