Random Thoughts Thursday

• I know I have mentioned this before but my mom and I have tickets to go to Mexico for Spring Break.  I am torn as what to do.  We are both looking forward to this trip but I am not sure if we should go because of the COVID-19.  So far United has not cancelled our flights but if I cancel them, I lose all of the money I paid for the tickets.  🙁

Travel advisory-1.jpg

• Anyone else stocking up on disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer?  On Saturday I went to Target and there is a limit on those items.  I did buy wipes but they were out of hand sanitizer. 

Target sign-1.jpg

• How did your Monday go with the time change?  Ugh, Sunday night I could not fall asleep and then could not get up on Monday morning.  It was rough.  Even my kids struggled more than usual.  Time change or not, I still hate Mondays.  🙂

Hate Mondays.jpg

• So far our district has not closed the schools.  However, I have a feeling that they will soon.  Yesterday we got an email letting us know that various activities (coffee with the principal, parent computer classes, parent library, and family nights) have been cancelled.  Heck our field trip to the Field Museum and P/T Conferences have been cancelled too.  I have my copies ready to send home just in case!

Sub tub-1

•  Another photo of my babies.  No reason other than I LOVE them.  I am also tired.  I am ready for bed but I am hungry since I have not eaten dinner.

Lola and Mateo-5.jpg

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  1. Oh dear, I hope your trip to Mexico won’t get cancelled! That would be such a disappointment.
    Your babies have got it right: peaceful sleep is glorious!

    • So far it hasn’t been cancelled but United changed the return flight home. We now have a layover in Houston. I don’t like it at all. I am tempted to cancel my trip and instead go in the summer. At least now I will be able to go for longer than one week.

  2. The Mexico trip is a tough call, I hope everything works out. In times like these…we need all the kitty photos please

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