Random Thoughts Thursday

• It is even more weird to go to the laundromat.  Of course there are fewer people there but now you can’t even sit down.  My sister told me that the bathroom door is locked and you can’t use it anymore.  While I do understand the reason behind it (sort of), this setup does bother me. 


• It will be almost a month since our stay at home order in Illinois.  Does it really feel like a month?  To me it doesn’t.  Right now it is supposed to end in two weeks but I am almost positive the Governor will extend it.

Stay at home order-1.jpg

 • I ordered a thermometer from Amazon and received it on Tuesday.  However, I didn’t realize it when I placed the order that it gives the temperature in Celsius. I contacted the seller to send it back and below is what I was told.  Would you keep it or send another email to Amazon to get your money back?

If you prefer to get a Fahrenheit value, after you get the result, you can go and search on google the Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion, then enter a Celsius temperature to get the Fahrenheit value.

• I am not a big fan of Cinco de Mayo but this made me laugh.  I wonder how people are going to celebrate it?  🙂

Cinco de Mayo-1.jpg

•  So far this week of Remote Learning/Distance Learning is going well.  On Monday I was ready to pull my hair out.  I put in lots of hours getting things ready for the week.  It paid off because the rest of the days went better.  I did have a lot of questions from parents which I expected.  Tomorrow is a PD day for us so it should be interesting.

Remote learning-1.jpg

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  1. Hah! No wonder you were able to get the thermometer. I’d keep it, and make a chart of the relevant numbers until you know them by heart. 😉

Thank you for your comment!