Random Thoughts Thursday

• Thanks to Facebook Memories for another great reminder.  I do enjoy teaching 2nd grade.  So if I am doing the math correctly, 2020-2021 will be my 7th year teaching 2nd grade.  I have had some great coworkers which makes this job a whole lot better.  Facebook Memories-6

•  Have you seen these tumblers?  I don’t need another one but these are very cute.  And I want one.  If you see them, get two of them and let me know.  I will pay you for them.

Starbucks Tumbler-1

  • A few weeks ago I purchased a cocktail shaker.  You know I love my martinis.  Somehow there was trouble with the delivery and Target gave me a refund.  I ordered another one and am supposed to get it today.  Imagine my surprise when on Monday I received the first one I ordered.  Now I have two of them.  Just kidding.  I will return the other one.  

Cocktail shaker

• My cats rarely sleep on the same bed.  Lola is still not happy that Mateo is around.  Will she get over it?  Now I need to get another bed for ME.  

Lola and Mateo-11

 • This made me laugh!  I will ignore any students that ask me that question.  

Bored Teachers-2

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  1. I would’ve told you that Puss (my first cat as an adult) hated Cleo (a stray I took in a year later) til the day Cleo died — 16 years later.

    Except I have some photos of them laying close together. Memory is a tricky thing 🙂

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