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I’m deviating from this week’s topic to write about my goals for Fall.  I’ve been working very hard in my training and also in my job.  However, I don’t make time for me.  I am hoping that with these goals I can find a balance between my personal and work life.  I am writing them in no specific order.

⇒ Continue working with my coach.  I enjoy working with him and my workouts.  I have my good and bad days.  Every runner goes through that and there is nothing to do about it.  Is there?

⇒ Keep on working on endurance and speed.  I truly believe that the training this year is getting me ready for next year.  I say this because I want to be positive that there will be races next year.

⇒ Stop checking and responding to work email after work hours.  I have already removed the app from my phone.  I can only check it from my computer.  Whatever it is sitting in my inbox can wait till the next morning.  

⇒ Log off from my work computer at 3pm or 4pm (the latest).  The work is never ending.  Work will always be there.  It can wait till the next day.  Yesterday I was working on school stuff till 8pm.  

Buy a house.  I know I keep saying this but I want to move this year.  I like where I live but am ready for a change.

Get up more often during the day.  I sit pretty much all day and am tense and sore.  My neck hurts every single day.

Get a massage.  I maybe need 7 in a row!  I know the last one I got was last year.  I used to be really good about it and get a massage twice a month.  

Read more books.  I love reading Wendy’s posts where she mentions the books she has read.  Right now I am reading “The Happy Ever After Playlist” and have a few more waiting for me at the library.  Thanks Wendy!

Do more fun things with friends.  This one is “tricky’ but doable.  Last Monday I met a friend for dinner.  I had not seen her since March and it was my first time out in a restaurant in a long time.  It felt weird but also nice to be out.

Go to sleep earlier.  I have not been sleeping well.  I stay up way too late (work) and then wake up early in the morning.

Find time for yoga and cycling classes.  Running and strength is what I do now.  I know I should do more.  I miss the bike and I know yoga will help me feel better.  I was motivated with Deborah’s post where she did yoga everyday for 2 weeks.  

Smile and laugh more!  

Whew, that’s a lot.  What do you think about my goals?  Anything else I should add to the list?
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17 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My goals for Fall

  1. All very great goals, Zenaida!
    My physiotherapist gave me a great tip, he said I should put a timer on my phone every 45 minutes that reminds me to get up, walk around and stretch. It’s a tiny tweak, but over the day and weeks, it makes a huge difference.
    Good luck with house hunting!

  2. I definitely think you have plenty of goals already! But several of them can just be summed up with set boundaries between work & life. It’s hard when you’re working from home & not used to that. Maybe try turning your phone off at night. Get an actual alarm clock. That’ll help with sleep, too!

    • It was a shock back in March because it was a huge transition to me (for many people too). Now the expectations are different and more demanding so it is another adjustment. I am working on it. This week went well and I also felt really good too. 🙂

  3. These are all solid goals, especially not checking work email outside of work hours. I got an adjustable top for my desk so that I can stand during the day and that’s been really nice (as is taking regular breaks to move around). All of the house stuff is really stressful – finding the house, dealing with all of the real estate stuff, moving, etc, but it’s so worth it. You will love it.

    • The work email is huge. Work can just wait.

      There are plenty of houses but I have not found what I like. I’ve let go of finding a house in a specific area that I like but right now want something that I can afford and that does not need too many updates.

  4. That’s a lot of goals, but they are all good ones! I love working with a coach it was the best decision I have ever made. I’m really enjoying working on speed right now! It’s very fun. And getting more sleep is definitely a must.

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