This week’s Tuesday Topic is:  What’s the worst fitness advice you’ve ever received?  You can write about this topic or feel free to post any running related blog post.  Remember to link up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers!

I think over the years I have received mostly good fitness advice.  Ha, now do I always listen to or do what I am supposed to do?  Not all of the time.  🙂

Here is a list of the worst advice I have received.  Thank goodness I don’t not listen to it anymore.

√ A weight scale shows whether you’ve made progress or not.  Definitely not.  I do have one but now am wondering why I even have it anymore.  Once my pants are too tight then I know I need to do something about it.  The number on the scale is higher compared to 10-15 years ago but I am still wearing the same pant size.

√ Exercise alone is the only way to lose weight.  It is a combination of exercise and eating healthy/good eating habits.  I do watch what I eat but sometimes I do indulgence and have wine and mashed potatoes for dinner.  Talk about stressful times!  

√ If you can talk while running then you are not running hard/fast enough.  Run faster!  Over the last year or so I’ve really learned to understand and love my easy runs.  There’s no pressure and the pace is supposed to be slower anyway.  

√ You need to carbo load the night before a race.  Pasta and more pasta was always the key to a successful race/run.  Now I eat what I want but am careful NOT to eat too much or anything that I know will not sit well the next day.  I know too much spicy food is definitely not good for me.

√ Running is bad for your knees.  Definitely not.  Yes I have had some issues with my knees but it’s been because I needed to strengthen other parts of my body (i.e., hips and glutes).

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22 Comments on Tuesday Topics: Worst fitness advice I’ve received

  1. Oh, I forgot about the carbo-loading recommendation! That’s true, I wouldn’t do that anymore.
    And yes, exercising alone will not help anyone lose weight. They say that the sixpack is made in the kitchen and that you can’t outrun a bad diet. Although I still like to think that I can “run it off”, deep down I know it’s not true.

  2. I, too, agree about the carb loading. Although I am still partial to pizza before a half. 🙂 Sushi works for me too. But yes, too much of anything can be really uncomfortable to run on.

    The knee thing — yes, we can certainly hurt our knees running, for a variety of reasons. Fall off a bike and you could hurt your knees, too, but have you ever heard anyone tell cyclists to stop because it’ll ruin their knees? Nope!

  3. I once went to a lecture given by Bart Yasso before the Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon. My favorite line from the day was when he said that people who over indulge in carbo loading the night before a race might find themselves un-carbo loading behind a bush during the race. LOL

  4. I’m laughing about the bad knees thing. Runners do get their share of injuries but I can’t think of anyone I know with knee problems. And ha ha I was totally about to lose weight from exercise alone…until I turned 40;-)

  5. Ironically, my knee “injury” was such a mystery. No doubt running was a factor, but it was a staph infection that wreaked all the havoc…not aches/pains. And, then it was the suture seam healing that monopolized my recovery. And, I’m a strong believer in carbs before a race (just not too many of them) 😉

  6. Oh, that “Running is bad for your knees” advice! Ugh! It is always given by non-runners. I agree with all of the points you make. Probably the worst running advice I got was when PT told me to stop running. I got a new PT! 🙂

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