Well, here we go again.  I finished training for a 5k and proudly met my goal.  With no live races on my schedule, now I am going to train for a 10k and run my own race.  The goal is somewhere between 1:05-1:06.  Excited and looking forward to it!

This week went by fast and it was really a blur.  The weather was pretty good for December.  It wasn’t that cold which I am happy about.    

Wednesday morning I slept in and it was 7 when I got up.  By this time I am out running.  I knew I didn’t have enough time to do my workout (1/2 mile repeats for a total of 4 miles) so I ran for 20 minutes.  I made it home in time to shower and get ready, quickly do my hair for crazy hair day, and log in for my students.

Friday morning I was excited to see a sunrise and stopped to take a picture.  However, I am not sure what exactly happened but I took out my phone from my Koala Clip and dropped it.  I have a case and a screen protector but I can still see a crack.  I was hoping it was the screen protector but it looks like it is the actual screen.  Ugh, I hate to have to pay over $100 to fix it.  I am not going to do it now since it isn’t that noticeable.

I don’t remember the last time I ran in the rain.  It was raining yesterday in the mid 40s with barely any wind.  I was supposed to run 5 miles with the last 2 miles at a faster pace.  I told my coach that I wasn’t sure how many I would do.  I ended up with 4 miles and the last mile was nowhere near my target pace.  Honestly I didn’t care.  I was glad to be home because by then I was very cold.  

This past week was all MAP testing for my kids.  Remember, my students take 4 tests in Reading and Math in both English and Spanish.  It went a lot better than expected but towards the end they were all tired.  One of them was in tears and I felt so bad for her.  I hate that they have to take these tests during this time.

Also, we got an email that teachers are to return to the classroom on January 11th and students on the 25th.  It will be interesting to see if that actually happens.

Just one more week!

Overall it was another good week of running.  I decided to pause my Peloton membership because I have not been taking advantage of it.  However, now I am wondering if I should just downgrade to the Digital Membership.  I know I should be doing more than just running but haven’t been able to figure out how to schedule it and make it work.

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  1. Glad you had a good week. Love the hair’do!
    Good luck with the 10K training.
    I lived with a cracked phone screen for about 11 months. It’s annoying but doesn’t impact function until the very end

  2. Nice week! I’m not sure what my next running goal is going to be but I think it might be a dedicated 5k or 10k cycle. I feel like I’ve been in the trap of always training for a half and not taking the shorter races seriously. You know I feel you on not being able to figure out how to make time for “everything else” fitness. Certainly when running is going so well it’s even harder.

    • Do it! With no races in my calendar I needed a goal and something to keep me motivated. And yes running has been going so well and now with going back to work, my whole schedule will change. I do know I need to figure something out.

  3. I cracked my phone screen earlier this year and let it go for a while, but then it wasn’t responding to my touch. So i had it fixed. It was about $135. It’s quirky now–it will work fine and then all of a sudden it’s jumping all over the place. If I reboot my phone it works again. I should probably take it back. What a pain!

  4. I love your spirit for crazy hair day 🙂

    You’re in the homestretch for Winter break! I know that you’ve been looking forward to the break for a while and its SO well deserved!

  5. I’d try downgrading your membership to digital first. I think you’d have to give up your run streak to make it work, though. Guess it depends what you want to do.

    I rain in a cold rain today. 🙂 it wasn’t pouring — it also wasn’t raining when I started, so that helped. It wasn’t that bad. Hard to psych yourself into it when it’s already raining, though.

    Streak on, Zenaida! Seems to be doing you good.

  6. Way to go knocking out that run in the rain! It’s one thing to do a rainy run in the heat of summer, but quite another to do it with such cold temps. I’ve been able to do all 18 of my streak runs outdoors so far…hoping I can keep that up for the next 19 days.

  7. Sorry about your phone! You’ve been in such a good running groove, I imagine it’d be hard to reshuffle things to incorporate cross training. Maybe your coach can help with that? Love the crazy hair day pic! With our youngest in high school now, we are FINALLY free of the dreaded MAP testing.

  8. I think it’s great that you’ve set a new goal for yourself and are now training for a 10K!

    I get how hard it would be to incorporate other workouts into your plan, especially if you’re trying to keep your streak alive. Perhaps it’s easier to leave it paused until you decide how long you want to keep streaking – no point in stressing yourself out if what you’re doing now is working for you.

  9. You’re so close to break!

    I love your “crazy” hairstyle. That’s so cute.

    Is anyone back to school yet? It’s bizarre how every state is just so different in their handling of things.

  10. After getting my second “trial” free membership, I’m now thinking of extending my Peloton digital membership because I was just alerted they have Pilates classes! So many new classes for me to try out! It’s a good fit for me in the winter. Good for you for getting those miles done in the cold rain! I’d be “nope” 😉

  11. Yay for such a successful 5K training cycle and how exciting that you’re moving on to a 10K next. It’s great to set goals like that when there aren’t any races so you’ll stay motivated.

    Enjoy your winter break! It starts after today, right?

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