Welcome to the first edition of Tuesday Topics for 2021.  Kim and I have lots of fun topics for this year.  We are excited for you to join us every week.  

This week’s Tuesday Topic is:  Your word for 2021.  You can write about this topic or feel free to post any running related blog post.  Remember to link up with Kim and Zenaida!  Visit at least two of the other linked posts – the more the merrier!  Remember to come back for later linkers!

There are so many words and it was hard to pick one.  I thought about everything that happened in 2020.  I thought about what I was looking forward to in 2021.  I then decided my word to be “Joy”.  Then I realized that I had picked the same word a few years ago.  But, I feel like this word will mean so much more this year.

Why this word?  I know many bad and great things happen in 2020.  I struggled a lot in my personal and professional life.  I tried to be positive but many times it was hard.  However, there were many times that that is what got me through.  I had to find joy in things around me.  It probably sounds corny but honestly I had no choice.  I mean, there were times when I cried and was angry, but then felt better afterwards.  I had to move forward.

Where will I find joy?  This is not in any specific order and not everything is on this list.  

My health.

My students.

My running.

Spending more time with my mom.

My friends.

My coworkers.

My cats.

My iMac.

My Brooks shoes.

My Oiselle long roga shorts.

My MAC patentpolish lip pencil in Ruby.

Cooking with my mom.

My new car.

My running playlist.

Making apple martinis.

My pens and highlighters.

Working with my coach.

My blogger friends.

My family.

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22 Comments on Tuesday Topics: My word for 2021

  1. So true, Zenaida. There are so many things that give us joy if we look out for it.

    This morning, I found joy in feeling a cool breeze from the sea during my run. And that I had a fresh mango for breakfast later on.
    It’s the little things, but they add up!

  2. LOVE this. You are right. Even when things are at their worst, there is joy. Just look around.

    Unfortunately people and animals get sick and die. If we have life and they lived a good life, there is still joy.

    I like your optimism.

  3. Joy is a wonderful word for the year! This year I feel like I have so much more to be grateful for.

  4. Joy will be a great word for this year–we are going to need lots of it! I’d spread that stuff around everywhere, if I were you!

  5. Joy was one of the words for The Un-Cancelled Project and I LOVED it. With all the stress around, focusing on joy that week felt liberating and it was amazing how many places you find it when you look for it, even in moments of despair. So this is a great word. As for those apple martinis, be sure to share the recipe one day!

  6. It is so, so easy to fall down the rabbit hole of “poor me”. I have definitely been sucked down there! But what you focus on expands — and who wouldn’t want more joy in their life!

    I wish you great joy in 2021, Zenaida, where ever you find it.

  7. I’m sad I missed this link party because I picked a word too! Joy is an excellent word for 2021- I think we need to find joy in things again.

    My word was ‘Confidence’ because I’m tackling some huge goals this year and having confidence to go after them will be key!

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