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Winter is here.  While I am not a big fan of it, so far it hasn’t been too bad.  We’ve had snow maybe 2-3 times and it hasn’t been that cold.  Winter running is all about having the right gear too.  I have plenty of it so so far I am surviving.  

How many more weeks till Spring?  

💐 Flowers – I enjoy seeing colorful flowers.  They make everything look prettier and makes me feel better.  With everything that happened last year and what is happening this year, we need to stop, admire and smell the flowers.  

💐 No more snow – While there is never a guarantee that we won’t get snow, it is less likely that it will happen.  As you know, I HATE the snow.

💐 Running in shorts and short sleeve shirtI love running in shorts.  I also love running in shorts and a long sleeve top.  I dislike running in tights with a long sleeve shirt AND a jacket.  The less the better.

💐 Spring Break – Honestly, I was planning to go on vacation but now am seriously doubting I will go.  Yes, it is the same trip I was planning to take last year.  If I cancel again then at least I will have a week off to stay home and relax.  No complaints there.

💐 March 14 – Do you know what that day is?  It is Daylight Savings Time.  I know we will lose an hour but there will be more light in the evening.  Eventually there will be more light in the morning too.  Oh, and I realize the first day of Spring isn’t till March 20th, but it still counts.

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23 Comments on Fit Five Friday: Five things I am looking forward to Spring

  1. I also really excited to run in shorts again! And to not have to bundle up Grayson when we run in the stroller! I can’t wait for more daylight in the morning as well. We’re getting there slowly!

  2. Hah, good to know about March 14th! I was thinking it’s a day after one year from the Mach 13, 2020 stay at home order started. 😉

    • I was thinking about that too. My coworker and I talk about it all of the time. We went out for drinks that evening and then we got the news that the Governor had closed the schools.

  3. It’s no secret I’m looking forward to Spring (and especially Summer)! I already can tell the days are getting a bit longer 😉 Daylight Savings Time is on my birthday this year…lucky me LOL

  4. Counting down until March 14!!!!!!!!

    I mostly run or walk after work and the darkness limits where I can go.

    But already I could get in 3 miles (starting at 4:15) before darkness. Hooray!

    I do love your other reasons too. FLOWERS!!!!! warmer temps, no more layers!!

  5. Amen! I just got some leggings from Old Navy that are really warm but I’m going to enjoy them even more this spring when I see them neatly folded up on the shelf while I reach for my shorts!

  6. I love spring indeed and the anticipation of warm weather, but I’m still in winter mode and hoping for more snow….lol. I don’t think we got quite enough! Gotta get at least one snow delay and one early dismissal in this year, right???

  7. Overall winter here has been pretty mild. I don’t mind winter running if I can avoid the ice! But I do miss the extra daylight so I’ll be counting down to March 14th 😉

  8. I am looking forward to Spring Break and tank tops, too! I have no idea where we will go or what we will do, but I am thinking maybe another secluded cabin adventure. Since we can do school from anywhere, it might work nicely.

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