Happy Sunday!  Another week that goes by fast when you are having fun. Right?

This week started off good but then we got snow and well you know how I do with snow.  No bueno.  I went back to working from my classroom so I had to get outside earlier since I needed to be at work by 8:30am.  No more coming into the house at 8:15am.  🙂

I did not do all of my workouts the way I was supposed to but I tried.  Either I ran out of time (now I know that if I am back home by 7:30 then I can make it to work on time) or the weather was an issue.  I have no idea when I will run my 10k but I think my coach will have to add a few more weeks to the training cycle.

Thursday evening I had some pizza and wine.  Then I noticed that “Sex and the City: The Movie” was on Netflix so I watched it.  And then drank more wine.  I got really emotional watching it.  Then I watched the other “Sex and the City” movie.  And drank more wine.  Well, it was not a good idea because it was hard to get up on Friday.  No time to run either.  I then went out in the evening to run but it felt so hard.  It wasn’t cold but my chest was hurting.  Ran 1.02 miles and that was good enough.

Woke up Saturday morning to snow.  Looked so pretty.  Took is nice and slow and made the best of it.  Not all days will be perfect.  I am grateful that it has been a very mild Winter.  The temperature then went up to almost 40 and most of the snow had melted.

But then of course more snow on Sunday.  It wasn’t a lot but enough to make me nervous for fear of falling.  I made the best of it again while listening to music.  Stayed closed to my house since I knew I was not going to run far nor long.  I felt really good and actually enjoyed it.

This was Lola last Sunday evening.  She was not happy when I told her that I was not going to be working from home anymore.  Mateo didn’t care.  All is want is food in the morning and evening and he is a happy cat.

My room was set up already so I just had to move a couple of things to make it more comfortable.  I got a bigger desk to put in front of my Prometheum Board to have another computer and bigger screen.  I only leave my room to go to the bathroom and to check in on my coworker.  I didn’t want to go to the teacher’s lounge anymore so I bought a little crockpot to heat up my lunch.

This picture is from before I put a bigger desk.  You can see the difference between the screen size of my work laptop and the Prometheum Board.

The date to have kids back in the classroom has been changed again.  It was supposed to be January 25th and now it is February 1st.  Parents should just keep them at home.  Students will be doing the same thing in the classroom as if they were at home.  All of their learning will still be online.  There will be no interaction with the teacher, no small groups, and no manipulatives to work with during Math.  Basically I will be babysitting them from 8:30am-12:00pm.  Ha, I need a raise!

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36 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Week #6 of training for a 10k and back to work in the classroom

  1. Hang in there. I have been teaching students in class and on-line at the same time since the year started. I went from 7 on-line students down to only 4 on-line students and I am expected to teach small groups and provide math manipulative’s they all just get their own individual things so we don’t share!! The hardest part is when parents don’t help the at-home learners up for success…I send a monthly supply bag home and even scan papers to just hit the print button but it is still to much for some parents! What can you do? I have had a total of 16 students the whole time but we might pick up one new since the one county close still has no students on campus. I work at a private school and my running helps me not go insane!! You got this…

  2. Wow, I can’t believe the students’ return date changed again! We still don’t have any dates for our return but now that teachers are supposed to be able to get the vaccine it will probably happen soon-ish. At least you have a couple more weeks to adjust to being in the classroom before they return!

    • There was a Board meeting on the 13th and many teachers and parents spoke up against students and teachers returning back to the classroom. I think that had something to do with it.

  3. That is crazy…just babysitting!

    Sex in the city is coming out with a new TV series (without Samantha) – can’t wait!!

    Kudos on the run streak…you are amazing esp since you working.

  4. I’m glad the kids are going back to in-person learning, but still doing Zoom learning makes no sense to me. Man, I want this to end.

  5. I am sure all the school stuff is very stressful for you and the kids/parents. I am kind of jealous of the snow. I hope we have at least one snow day here. Thanks for linking and have a great week

  6. That’s too bad that you can’t really teach even when the kids will be back in the classroom. 🙁

    I’ve had a small crockpot for years. I use it for my breakfast oatmeal sometimes. I’ve also traveled with it — for the same reason, and sometimes it works to warm things up if we don’t have a microwave!

    You are still rocking your run streak. Nice job!

  7. My friend has that small crockpot and really loves it!

    Hang in there Zenaida! I know it’s been really rough but you’re doing such a great job and I know your student appreciate all of your hard work.

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a small crockpot like that…cute! Great job keeping your streak going. We got just a dusting of snow overnight, so I was able to leave footprints on the streets/sidewalks this morning. It’s the little things, right?

  9. Wait, the kids are going back to school in a different room than the teacher???? Wha??? Like you said, what’s the point except getting them out of the house. Oh well. Congrats on keeping the streak! It’s really hard to be on any kind of consistent training plan this time of year.

  10. Ugh on the school situation. Is the in-class on-line learning designed to keep kids in the same group and minimize cross-exposure? Or because only some teachers and students are coming back? So confusing!

    • The idea is to get kids back in the classrooms. However, it will still be online learning. I won’t be teaching them like I do in a regular school year. Overall, it really makes no sense since not everyone will be back in the classrooms. Definitely a mess.

  11. you did what you could – I am not a snow runner either!!

    that lunch crock is genius!!

    I really feel for teachers everywhere. It’s nuts how things constantly change. and some kids really don’t do well with changes all the time. hang in there!

    • It is crazy! I don’t understand how we cannot all get along and come up with a plan that works well for both teachers and students. But of course teachers have no input at all.

  12. It’s really just amazing to me how different all the experience are. We are back to teachers and students in classrooms, as well as athletics! Not us, but our district. It’s crazy to me. We seem to be doing ok but I am perfectly happy not being back.

    Hang in there! I told you wine made it hard to get up LOL!

    • It is a fun night but too much wine is no bueno. Oh well, I do it once in a while when things are stressful. Well, things are stressful everyday but there is a limit too on the wine.

  13. That’s so tough to have the date keep changing. Our high school goes back tomorrow. I’m not even sure the teacher will be in the room with the kids as they are teaching on zoom at the same time and I know the school hired “room monitors”. I want my daughter to go back to school because, although she does very well academically, she barely ever gets out of bed or leaves her room. The isolation is ridiculous and she needs some structure of adhering to a schedule and getting out.

  14. I didn’t realize that the kids will still be doing online learning but at school with no interaction with the teachers – makes no sense at all! I’m sorry the students’ return date changed again. This all must be so frustrating.

    Great job keeping your streak going!

    • Oh I know. Parents had the option of keeping their child at home or sending them back to school. Those that go back will be sitting on a desk doing online learning. I will not be doing anything different except that I will now be “watching” two kids in my room.

  15. What a fun little crockpot! My kids will be starting something different next week for school. On their “home” days they will check in with the teacher who is in class with the other half of their classmates. They will be in the school two days and everyone has a “virtual Monday”. I’m happy because that means they will have defined class times every day of the week now. I hope everything goes OK with your class. Hang in there!

    • Thanks, Lisa. That is an interesting schedule. Mondays will be a remote day for all students and then there will be two groups that will go in on Tuesday/Wednesday or Thursday/Friday. But it will still be all remote even if I have students in my room.

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