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Last year was a shock.  Sometimes I think about the things I did last year during January and February and then to think that everything changed in March.  

These past couple of months were an eye opener.  It was hard but I tried to stay positive and make the best of it.  Here are a few things I learned during this time:

😷 The importance of family.  A bunch of us would get together on a regular basis.  We would gather around the kitchen table to talk, eat, and drink.  Then in March we couldn’t do that anymore.  We had a few Zooms calls but it still wasn’t the same.  Now we text each other all of the time.  We check in on one another.  We make each other laugh.  If anyone needs anything, we are there to help that person.

😷 My mother is a strong woman.  I know I have mentioned it before but she is a tough person.  I loved listening to stories of when she was growing up in Mexico.  I also love listening to how life was when she emigrated from Mexico.  She and my dad worked long and hard hours to give their 7 children everything they could not do in Mexico.  My mother and I would spend hours on the balcony talking and listening to music.  Now it is my turn to take care of her and give her everything she needs.

😷 Life is short.  I think this applies even without a pandemic.  We really don’t know what is going to happen.  Treat yourself to that extra cup of coffee.  Enjoy that piece of cake.  Buy yourself those shoes.  I had a hard time justifying buying a new car but then I realized that I work hard and deserve to treat myself to it.  Now I love my car!

😷 Patience.  As a 2nd grade teacher I already am a patient person.  During remote learning I had to be even more patient with my students.  I struggled a lot because I knew they were struggling and going through a lot but so was I.  Many times I had to put a smile and pretend that things were OK.  Running and crying is what helped me get through some really rough moments.

😷 Everyone was going through the same thing.  It was so easy to feel sorry for myself thinking that no one would understand.  That was not true.  Everyone was struggling.  Many were even in worse situations.  Many people were getting sick.  Many were dying.  Many also lost their jobs.

😷 I really am a lucky person.  I did not get sick and I did not lose my job.  I am still standing and moving forward.

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27 Comments on Tuesday Topics: What I learned during the pandemic

  1. My mom is an incredibly strong woman, too. Pretty sure that’s where I get it from — she’s descended from a long line of strong women!

    It is really easy to focus on the negative, and then that’s all we see. Much better to focus on the positive!

  2. Judy said it with perfection…if we focus on the negative, that IS all we’ll see. I’ve gotten trolled for my optimism (yes, believe it or not), but I’d rather focus on the good than the bad. Sounds like you have the same strategy <3 Hugs to you…we’ll get through this!

  3. Yes I think I have learned many of the same things.

    There are many good things that have happened. Hope we continue with those and let the bad things go.

    This will end….

  4. You make a very good point with the reminder that everyone is struggling and that many are in much worse situations.
    It’s a great attitude to focus on the good things and to be appreciative of what we have. I think it protects us from feeling depressed.
    Let’s hope things will take a turn for the better in 2021.

  5. Those are beautiful lessons and reminders. I feel like the pandemic stripped us naked and forced us to be true to who we are and what we love. It was and still is a humbling experience. But we need to live life with gratitude – for there are so many worse off than us.

    • Thank you! Many times do my moment of complaining but then remember that there are other people in worse situations. Then I realize it isn’t that bad after all.

  6. I love what you said about your mom and that you two are so close 🙂

    There was so much loss last year and it was such a sober reminder that life is short and we should live each day to the fullest.

    • Over the years I have gotten to know her much better. She is older and not in great health but still hanging there. 🙂 Doing the best that I can to take care of her too.

  7. This is such a lovely post Zenaida! I love that you and your mom are so close. I don’t have that with my mom (she lives in Michigan) so I envy you!

  8. You do have so much patience, I can tell you that. I gained a LITTLE bit during the pandemic, but teachers seem to have the most endless supply.

    I tried really hard to count my blessings. Sure, there were awful parts to this pandemic, butt we were ok. Not everyone was or is 🙁

    Your mom is amazing. I’m so glad you have her in your life (and she has you).

  9. I feel very lucky too that we’ve stayed healthy and I was able to keep my job.
    Also, it’s been frustrating and comforting at the same time that we’re all going through the same thing.

  10. This has been such an eye-opening time. I learned quickly how grateful I am to be able to be financially stable during this time and so glad to be healthy. And of course having my baby in January I was lucky that we got to spend so much more time together since I was working from home!

  11. What a tough year for all of us! The toughest thing of all for me, at least, was dealing with the loneliness of not getting together with family and friends. I really came to a whole new appreciation of my job and my coworkers.

  12. I also realized how incredibly lucky and blessed that I am. I learned what and who is really important to me. Running helped me maintain a sense of normalcy among the chaos

  13. I know what you mean about being lucky – I feel the same way. There was so much that was negative last year, but I have tried to focus on the positives.

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