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👟 Sunrises.  Now that I have been out earlier in the morning to run, I have been seeing more sunrises.  It truly amazes me how it is the beginning of a new day but in another part of the world it is already night.  I know how or why it happens but to me it is still a wonderful thing that takes place.  I like to teach this lesson to my students because many of them have no idea.  I have also noticed that now it is lighter before 7am and it is getting darker later than 5pm.

👟 Being careful.  It bothers me that as a woman I have to be extra careful when running outside.  How many times do I hear or see an article of what I should or should not do?  There is never anything like that for men.  This week a man stopped me to ask a question about the bus.  I was having a great run and was more than happy to help him.  I answered his question and our conversation was about 2 minutes.  He was grateful that I helped him.  I felt good for helping him.  However, moments later I realized that maybe I should not have stopped to talk to him.  Yeah, at that moment I thought of what could have happened to me and it freaked me out.

👟 Sports bras.  Why are they expensive and why is it so hard to find one that fits well?  Mine are from Victoria’s Secret and I’ve had them for a few years.  I love them because they provide enough support and they’re easy to take off after a sweaty run.  I know I need to replace them but have not found any that I like (I hate the padded ones).  I ordered 4 new ones from Victoria’s Secret again and received two already.  I do not like them at all.  Hopefully the other 2 will fit.

👟  Things happen for a reason.  I am a firm believer of it.  However, there are times that I think really hard about those reasons.  Sometimes I like running in the neighborhood where I want to buy a house.  I see the house that I almost bought.  It was perfect for me.  But I also know that it wasn’t meant to be.  Right?  This was almost two years ago.  What is taking so long?  It is meant for me to live in an apartment for the rest of my life?  These past couple of months drove me crazy because I wished I had more room to move around.  When I was in quarantine I was limited to where I could go.  I also want more room so I can get a treadmill (I do want the Peloton treadmill).  Ugh!  I know, I know.  I need to be more patient.

👟  My run streak.  I slept in yesterday and did not have time to run in morning.  I ran after work.  However, I had to think really hard about why I “had” to run.  I think part of the reason was that I was tired.  Last week I was also tired and almost skipped my run.  My coach asked me to think about why I started this streak and if that why was still valid today.  I told him that “The why was to get out and run.  To get some fresh air.  To start off my day on the right foot.  To clear my head”.  I thought about those reasons and went running.  It was just one mile but I felt better afterwards.  Oh, and it was day #146.  

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30 Comments on Fit Five Friday: Five things I thought about this week while running

  1. I love seeing a nice sunrise! I’m excited that as the sun rises earlier I will see them more. It is very frustrating that we need to be so much more careful when we are out running.

  2. I hadn’t noticed that it’s getting light earlier. Our morning walks typically end with a beautiful sunrise, when it’s not too gloomy. I have noticed that it’s no longer dark at 5pm. I also believe that things work out in their own perfect way. Keep believing and trust the process. Thanks for the linkup!

  3. While yes, safety is important, I don’t see anything unsafe in talking to someone outside in a public place. I hope that you will find your house soon. It’s like dating, there are so many that aren’t right and don’t work out, but then you find “the one” and everything is good.

    • Oh I did not mean to say that it was unsafe in talking to someone in public place. I guess my mind went into overdrive and thought the worst thing. I need to relax. 🙂

  4. I think I love your coach. 🙂 Glad you found your why!

    My sister is still going back & forth about moving to FL. I, too, believe that things happen for a reason — but not necessarily on the timeline we’d like. Your house is out there, Zenaida. I hope you find it soon!

  5. Running (or even walking) provides so much time and mental space to just think about things. I love it!

    by the way, I am a “firm” (hahaha) believer in ShockAbsorber sports bras. But they are not cheap. They keep the girls nice and protected. Maybe try that brand?

  6. I hate that we have to be hesitant to help someone. Where I’m running these days is pretty exposed to traffic, so I wouldn’t be too worried unless I was out early, but I’ve been in a situation like that. I like the Anita athletic bras — they look like old-fashioned normal bras (not pretty like VS) and are great.

  7. Good job on keeping your run streak. I was doing a 45 day challenge and my streak lasted less than a week! Ah well, some of us are not meant to be streaker. I do have a friend who was on my Ragnar Trail team who is getting close to 3,700 days on his streak! 10 years!

  8. I hope you find your perfect house soon. It WILL happen.

    I see the sunrises but I am usually working already. But I do see the sunsets now when I run and I can run before it gets dark.

    Kudos on your streak. That is so impressive.

  9. It does annoy me to have to be more cautious than my male counterparts. I’m certainly not paranoid, but I hate that there are places that aren’t safe for me or that I even have to think about it.

    I’m also lucky that I’m not particularly well endowed. I can get away with Target/Old Navy bras, no problem.

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