I thought I could handle the cold weather but I realized that I cannot.  Brrr, too many cold mornings and I just wanted to stay inside in my warm apartment.  But I still got out there even if it was just one mile.  

I remember this day but cannot remember if I took an Uber to my car or ran back to it.  I must have been about 3-4 miles from it.

It is quite an adventure running these days with the ice on the sidewalk and the potholes on the street.  Ran 4.21 miles on Monday and did not rush to get back home since I was off.

I love how it is getting lighter earlier. 

More snow on Wednesday.  I did not care.  I was too excited that day.  

I watched the Inauguration with my students.  There were many tears from me.  My students are not back in the classroom.  I had to present it via Google Meet on my computer.


During my lunch break I realized that I was saying Vice President Kamala’s name incorrectly.  How embarrassing.  Then my students laughed at me when I told them I was saying her name wrong.  I told them that the First Lady is a teacher and one girl said “wow”.  They had no idea.

I know Kim will have more Bernie memes but I just had to include these two.  Chicago is known for calling “dibs” on a parking spot.  Yep, Bernie is saving a spot.  

This weekend I watched “The Trial of the Chicago 7” on Netflix.  Has anyone watched it?  OMG, if you have let’s set up a Zoom call to discuss it.

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32 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Week #7 of training for a 10k and Inauguration Day!

  1. It was cold here this week too! That’s great that you were able to watch the inauguration with your students. Love the Bernie memes!

  2. I did watch the Chicago 7 which I really enjoyed, but I’d probably have to watch it again to actually remember it. 🙂

    I think it’s totally cool you could watch the inauguration with your students. We definitely never did anything like that growing up!

    I’m still in awe of you getting out there every day — even if “just” a mile! Just a mile probably takes me twice as long to get ready for!

  3. Wasn’t Wednesday just such a special day? What a great thing for young girls to see and the country can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

    Those Bernie memes are so funny. I think I’ve probably seen 50 different ones and they are all so funny.

    I haven’t heard of “The Trial of the Chicago 7” on Netflix, but now I’m intrigued and want to check it out!

  4. I had not heard of that Netflix movie but I will add it to my list. It was cold here this week too but not like your cold. You can do cold you just have to prepare for it. You are a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for!

    • Thanks, Deborah. Your comment made me smile. My coach says the same thing and I do agree with him. There are just days that I am like “No, this is crazy. Too cold”. 🙂

  5. If you can’t pronounce “Kamala”, you’re in good company;-) Justice Sotomayor got it wrong during the swearing in ceremony as well. I was bummed that I had meetings all day Weds and couldn’t watch live.

    Congrats on another week of the streak!!! It’s really hard to be outside right now.

  6. I feel like once I get moving, the cold isn’t so bad! You’re out there for a mile, you may as well do a few more, right?

    I’ve been sending Bernie memes to my family all week! The GB Packers have a few Bernie memes and I’ve been sending them to my son in Wisconsin.

  7. Congratulations on getting out there EVERY SINGLE DAY in that weather! Luckily I was off on Wednesday and my son is doing school from home so we were able to watch the inauguration together. I teared up when Kamala was sworn in. Let’s just refer to her as “Madam Vice President!!!!!” It was a great day.

  8. You are still rocking your run streak, though, so that’s something to be proud of. We had some cold days here last week, too. Friday was super frigid!

  9. That’s so great you were able to share the inauguration with your students. Well done getting out there. It was very cold this week.

  10. I was shocked my kids’ teachers didn’t have them watch the inauguration! It was on a virtual day too, so you’d think they would have said something. Geez! I’m still getting through “You” on Netflix and “Fuller House” ha! They just giving me such great recommendations when I log on so my watch list is getting long. I hope we get some snow here soon. We need it!

  11. It’s been cold here, too, but has warmed up just enough from keeping us from getting a decent snow tonight. We’re expecting rain turning to sleet turning to freeing rain turning to snow overnight here.

  12. I had to run out on Wednesday morning, but A turned on the Inauguration and watched it during “school” and I joined him the second I got home. It was such a monumental occasion. I think it’s wonderful that you watched it with your students.

    Girl, it’s COLD there. That’s a lot of ice and snow. Be careful!

  13. I think it’s excellent you go out there in the cold with icy sidewalks! Chicago streets are not great with all the potholes though are they??

    I’ve got The Trial on my watchlist! Maybe I’ll do that this weekend!

    • If you are not paying attention then it is an accident to happen. Driving is another issue too. They can do lots of damage to a car. Do watch it and let me know what you think.

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