Well, even with the weather, I managed to run 34.26 miles this month.  I’m on day #184 of my running streak.  There were days when I did want to quit.  But I didn’t.  Nothing wrong with wanting to quit either.  I knew that if I could run on the coldest day and the day with the most snow, then I could survive the rest of the days.  And I did.  

Monday morning there was so much sleet and I decided to run after work.  I went to throw out the garbage and it was so slippery.  The view after work was much better!  I just noticed it is the same picture from above.  🙂

The next day was better but there was a patch of ice that I somehow missed while running but saw it as I was walking.  Glad I did not fall.  However, I was not so lucky on Friday.  I did a 20 minute Peloton run and was walking home.  I was feeling good because it was sunny and the snow was melting.  Remember, I was walking.  Then in slow motion I saw myself falling again.  Luckily, I did not land on my face like last time.  I only scraped my knee.  Someone saw me and helped me get up.  It was not a bad fall which I am grateful.  However, I was more pissed and annoyed that I fell again and on ice.  Did I tell you that I was walking?  I had been very careful this month.  It seems like I fall once a year.  Is it safe to say that I am done for the year?

I am excited to start working with my coach again.  This month was a no-no because of the weather.  Michelle asked me if I will return to the 10k training.  I hadn’t given it much thought until she asked me.  I think I will skip the 10k and go straight to a half marathon.  Maybe by the time I am ready, I will be able to run a live race.  He already posted my runs on Final Surge.  Most are easy runs and I am happy about it.

This week I took 6 classes with Cody.  Love him!  Just out of curiosity I checked to see how many classes I have not taken with him.  Recently I found out about that new feature.  It is a lot but I am not planning to take all of them.  For now I have bookmarked the 15, 20, and 30 minute classes.  Not ready for 45 minutes.  Oh and I picked classes with 80s, 90s, and 90s pop music.

So that is for February.  I already ripped out the page from my calendar and ready for a new month!

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  1. Ouch!!! The black ice game was strong yesterday and I had quite a few close calls. I managed to stay upright but I gave up on my run after a while. It was just so frustrating! Glad you’re ok!

  2. Yikes on falling! I am trying to be SO careful after my big fall in January. I still have not taken a ride with Cody … I love CDE and their personalities are so …. different!

  3. So sorry that you slipped on the ice 🙁 I’m glad that it wasn’t too hard of a fall and that someone
    was nearby to help you get up. I slipped on a patch of ice near my car last week but somehow stayed upright.

    Loved that you’re taking more classes with Cody. He always puts me in such a good mood, even when I don’t want to workout!

  4. Well, good on you for keeping the streak alive! I have been keeping an “outdoor” streak going since before Thanksgiving…just trying to get outside for at least a 1-mile walk, if nothing else. There were a couple days (before the warm weather broke through) where I told myself the same thing as you…”Just get through this!” Hopefully, both, of us are in the clear now 😉

  5. Bye bye February! Not gonna miss ya. I’ve had quite a few close calls with ice on my walks lately but hopefully that stuff is out of here for the rest of winter.

  6. Yep, I bet everyone is ready for a new month. I’m glad you weren’t more seriously hurt from your fall! Congratulations on the run streak- that’s impressive in such an awful month.

  7. Sorry about the fall, but it doesn’t look too bad. How is it feeling now? Never fun to fall.

    I am totally happy with short runs a few times a week — no idea how many miles I ran in Feb. Strava will probably send me an email at some point, but I really don’t pay attention.

    Good luck when you start that half training!

  8. Oops, my comment didn’t show up, so let me try it again… Happy March! Let’s hope that was your fall for 2021 and you don’t fall again. Congrats on keeping your run streak alive!

  9. Great job getting in your miles! I’m ready for March and spring.

    Don’t you love all the new Oiselle gear? I ordered a bit too much. We’ll have to twin again this spring!

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