Hello there!  Happy Sunday!  With it being a short work week for me, this week went by fast.  No complaints at all.  The sooner the days go by, the sooner we are much closer to Summer Break.  Three more months to go!


This week went really well.  I began working with my coach again and enjoyed my runs.  Much of the snow has melted and it is slightly warmer.  There were some days where even if it was 20-30 degrees, there was no wind or little wind.  I ran everyday (no surprise there) and also took a short bike class (too much?). 

I finally used the stack feature for the bike classes and like it.  However, I wished you could do that on the app.  To stack running classes you can only do that on the website, but it will be so much easier to do it on the app too. 

Some of the fun classes I took are below.  I am not a huge fan of Shakira but there were some good songs and, of course, Matty is always great.

I took this one on Saturday and did not like it at all.  The music and her constant talking really annoyed me.  I could have sworn I took a similar one by Robin but now cannot find it.  I actually enjoyed that class.

I also took a Feel Good Ride with Ally and nope did not feel good.  🙂 The music is a HUGE factor for me as well as the instructor.  I think that is why I love Cody.  He always makes me laugh and smile.  

On Monday I took my mom to get her second vaccine.  Last time I mentioned about the long walk to the actual vaccination room.  Someone was nice enough to take her in a wheelchair but she had to walk back.  This time someone took her in a wheelchair, waited for her, and then brought her back to the lobby of the hospital.  She didn’t have to walk too much.  Oh, but then we got off on the wrong floor of the parking lot and we ended up walking one level up.  Yes, we could have waited again for the elevator but only one was working.  She was not happy about it.  🙂  Throughout the week I checked in on her.  She said she was fine.  No effects.

On Tuesday I went to get my second vaccine.  They were running behind a bit so I was there longer than when I went for my first one.  I felt fine afterwards.  The next day is when I felt awful.  After my workouts, I got home and felt so tired.  Not the usual tired from working out but a different kind of tired.  Throughout the day it got worse.  My students knew about the vaccine and I told them how I was feeling.  I also told them that in case I had to log off, they had work to do that was posted on Google Classroom.  I managed to hang on with them, but once class was over, I logged off and went to bed.  I knew I had to sleep and took a melatonin.  I also did a Calming Meditation class.  I had chills, my body ached, and I had a slight headache, but no fever.  I felt better about 24 hours later.  It is interesting how the vaccine affected people in different ways.

On Friday I mentioned how in a few weeks I will have a new work schedule.  With this new schedule (hybrid) I will still be teaching online but there will be students in my classroom.  I know I will have 2 students two days a week and beginning on April 7th I will have 3 more students.  There are two groups, Group A and Group B.  Monday will be a remote day for everyone.  Group A will go to school on Tuesday and Wednesday and Group B will then go on Thursday and Friday.  Even though I will have students in my room, they will still be learning virtually.  I will still be teaching everyone online just like I am doing now.  Everyone will be wearing a mask.  If students that are in the room have questions, they will need to ask me on the computer just like they do now.  While I am happy that I will have a new schedule, I really do not like this arrangement.  I’d rather teach everyone in the room or everyone online, but not do both.  Is this ideal?  Probably not but I do know that no matter what schedule or plan is put together by the District, not everyone will be happy about it.  3 more months!  3 more months!  Oh, and two weeks till Spring Break.

Whew, those are long paragraphs.  Yikes.  🙃 

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26 Comments on Weekly Run Down: Working with my coach again and my 2nd vaccine!

  1. Our hybrid schedule is similar but Wednesdays everyone is virtual. And I believe the teachers are teaching the students in person differently than the ones online. Its interesting that they are having you still do virtual learning even with the kids who are in person. I hope it goes well for you. Sorry you felt so bad after the vaccine! I really is weird how it affects some people more than others.

    • I thought I would be teaching the kids in the classroom and the ones online would watch me on their screen. I remember we had cameras but then those were taken away. The idea was to get the kids back in the classroom but I don’t think the parents really know how it is going to work. We’ll see how it goes!

  2. Your hybrid schedule sounds like a nightmare. But, hang in there! Like you said, three more months and then who knows… maybe we’ll be able to start school normally next year. I hope so.
    Yay for being vaccinated! And nicely done on the run streak.

  3. sorry to hear you had a reaction to the vaccine but hey, gotta feel good that you are fully vaccinated! Enjoy your warmer temps and your countdown to summer

  4. Congrats on completing the vaccine series! I’m sure the side effects weren’t pleasant but at least you know you mounted a response to the vaccine. Now to get everyone else vaccinated!

    Isn’t this weather great? I’m hoping to bump back up to 4 runs/week now. We’ll see.

  5. Sorry to hear the 2nd vaccine didn’t sit well…but that’s all part of the process, right? Glad the effects were short-term! Your new schedule sounds so confusing! I hope it all works out well.

  6. Glad both you and your mom are 2nd shot vaccinated! and I can imagine it’s a tough way to teach, to do live and virtual at the same time. I wonder if it will be effective?

    Nice that you started up with your coach again!!

  7. I agree about the stacking feature – I love it but i really wish I could stack from my phone since that’s the main way I look for classes. Hopefully this will be an update they can work on 🙂

    Sorry to hear that you felt so crappy after the second dose of the vaccine, but hooray for now being fully vaccinated! Glad to hear that you mom’s appointment went well too.

    • I also wished that once you stack several running classes that they continue. Nope, you need to stop after each one. But, hopefully they’ll improve on this soon. They need us to be on their improvement panel!

  8. Ok, that sounds totally weird — you teaching online, students in the classroom. Is there someone there? Seriously, what if there’s a fight or something?

    From what I have heard, having a reaction is supposedly a good thing — a sign of a healthy immune system. My mom had no reaction to her second. Mr. Judy just left for his first.

    I agree — I haven’t tried the stacking because I never use the website. But I’m not paying $40/mth so I guess it’s ok!

    Sounds like you had a great running week, Zenaida! And yes, no ice on the roads was great!

    • I will be in the classroom with them. As of now I won’t have more than 3 students either on T/W or TH/F. I think parents are under the impression that being in the classroom means I will be actually teaching them like it was before. Nope, that is now what is going to happen.

  9. Congrats on your second vaccine- sorry to hear about the side effects, but all worth it, right??

    Glad you were able to get out for some good miles this week!

  10. I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well after your second dose. I’m sure you’re relieved to have it done. A has Spring Break, but the district schools only have a 3 day break. Crazy how different everything is.

    I hope your new model for teaching works well.

  11. I love seeing your Peloton workouts. I’ve been tempted to sign up and try the runs but I have been love just running outside on my own now that the days are getting warmer here and much more pleasant to running!
    Yay for getting your vaccine but boo not feeling that well.

    • Try it out! I believe there is still a free trial membership. You have nothing to lose. There are many great instructors. Remember, that you can also take the yoga and strength classes.

  12. Your 2nd vaccine reaction is very similar to what my friends have been having. The older adults seem to be handling it just fine. So odd! You’d think it would be the opposite. They just opened up the vaccine here for my age group. I was going to get it, but then realized I won’t be in town when my 2nd dose is due. So, I’m waiting a little bit to register. I’m excited to get it though! Your class arrangement sounds like what my kids have right now. They will all be going back in early April. Yay!!

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