Happy Friday!  Friday is my favorite day of the week.  Every other Friday it is payday for me.  Currently, our students are in school till 11:30 am and the rest of the day they have asynchronous work.  That will change on 3/22 with the new hybrid schedule.  Monday will be how our current Friday is now.   We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, I love taking pictures.  Right now I have almost 6,000 pictures stored in my phone.  Many are duplicates since I need to get the right one.  🙂 I take pictures of things I see on my runs, my students, my cats, and my mom.

Let me share with you 5 of those pictures from this week.

📷 I took this Peloton running class on Tuesday and just thinking about it makes me smile.  Since there are so many classes I have not taken, my plan is not to take any class twice.  I may make an exception here.  I had so much fun with Chase and the playlist was amazing.  In 45 minutes I listened to 10 songs (1 from each year) while learning something interesting about each song.  I highly recommend it! 

📷 I ran in shorts!  It made me so happy.  I wore one of my newest Oiselle shorts.  It was warm but very windy.  I also felt very tired (have not been sleeping well) and ran for 20 minutes.  

📷 I’ve mentioned that Lola and Mateo do not get along.  It is very rare to see them together.  I was in bed reading and Lola joined me.  Then Mateo came along.  Lola did not move and Mateo got comfortable.  I’d say too comfortable.  I don’t know how long they stayed like that because in the morning they were both gone.

📷 This reminds me of the hours and days spent last year on the balcony with my mother.  Did we enjoy being stuck inside the house?  No, but we made the best of it.  We ate, drank coffee, talked, people watched, and listened to music.  You bet I am looking forward to it again this year!

📷 Yesterday right before lunch my students asked me if we could have lunch together.  It made me feel really good and made me smile.  I thought that for sure they would be tired of being with me.  I guess not.  

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25 Comments on Fit Five Friday: 5 pictures from this week

  1. Lunch zoom with your students is so cute!! They must really like you!

    Love those shorts!! I could have run in a skirt yesterday but I didn’t have the time to change since I had originally gotten dressed to run before work when it was chilly.

    Temps are heading down again with wind and I even heard the s word for next week….

  2. That’s so fun your students wanted to have lunch! My younger daughter used to sit in the Science room with her friends over lunch because they loved that teacher. As a parent I appreciate that so much! Now I’m thinking it won’t be too much longer before our favorite frozen custard place opens for the season. Happy Friday!

    • I am so glad they asked. As you know it’s been rough on all of us and it is nice to spend time with them in a smaller setting and not talk about schoolwork.

  3. Great pictures! I have been running in shorts this week and it makes me so happy! I hope I don’t have to go back to tights again but next week is not looking promising.

  4. That is so sweet that your students wanted to have lunch with you! That says a lot, right there, about how they feel aboutyou 😉

  5. Ah, those are nice moments from your week! I love the one of your cats- I wish my cats would do that- they currently don’t like each other but maybe there’s hope!

    • Thank you! I know not everything is a nice moment but this week I wanted to focus on that instead of negative things. But maybe one day I will since it is part of life too.

  6. love these!! every once in a while I find my kitties who supposedly hate each other sleeping next to each other on the bed <3.

  7. What a fun post! I love that your students wanted to eat with you. Working with children is really the best, isn’t it?

  8. Awww, sweet Lola & Mateo. I used to say Puss & Cleo, my first cats, didn’t like each other (they didn’t really). And that Puss hated the boys (she did). And yet I do have photos of the pairs together! Memory is a funny thing.

    Love that your students wanted to have lunch with you. You are obviously reaching them!

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