Hello there!  This week went by fast again.  That’s what happens when one of the workdays is an Institute Day.  I have mixed feelings about Institute Days.  Some of the PD is useful and some is not.  There was an emphasis on self-care.  Umm, OK.

One year ago yesterday was the last day that I taught in a room full of students.  I was instructed to make packets for my students but obviously had NO idea that I wouldn’t see them again.  Below are two pictures I took at Target on the 12th and then in my classroom on the 13th.

This week I had some good and bad runs.  On Monday I ran 3.14 miles for Kim’s Week of Pi.  It was fun!  

Last week there was hardly any wind but Wednesday and Thursday it was just awful.  It did not help that I was exhausted.  I was very tired and I did not do the workouts assigned by my coach.  But I still ran and wore shorts on Wednesday.  🙂 I did feel much better on Friday and could have kept running but ran out of time.

Saturday morning was a gorgeous day for running!  Didn’t I say I was not going to do another of Becs’ running class?  Well, I did another one.  The playlist was AMAZING but the chit chat was not.  There is just something about her voice.  Is it just me?  I was pleased to have run close to 6 miles.  December was the last time I did a “long” run (6 and 7 miles).

You would think that I would have done more Peloton bike classes, but I am currently on my 99th ride.  Isn’t that the reason I bought the Peloton?  🤔 🤦🏻‍♀️ I want my 100th to be with Cody and it will either be on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Very excited!Clientmoji

Tomorrow I have parent/teacher conferences.  Is it too early to runfess?  Well, I have NO desire for them tomorrow.  I don’t mean it in a bad way, but what could I possibly say to parents that I haven’t said all these past months?  I am not meeting with all parents (those students that are doing well in class, have turned in assignments, have participated, etc).  I know it’s been hard for everyone but we’ve been doing virtual learning for ONE YEAR!  I have communicated with all parents about missing assignments, log in information, etc.  They know it already, but I will have to repeat it again.  We’ll see how it goes.  

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33 Comments on Weekly Run Down: One year later and my 99th bike class

  1. I can’t believe its been a whole year. I’m sure it will be weird for you to start teaching students in person again! I hope the conferences go well.

  2. Good luck with your parent/teacher conferences!

    The wind has definitely been crazy all week long and right now 40 (without the wind chill). The app says it’s snowing but thankfully I’m not seeing any! The warmer days were much appreciated this week.

  3. you got some good miles in Zenaida! maybe you were tired or didn’t feel like doing some of the workouts and that’s ok too. so it sounds like this week was a bit of a mixed bag.

    I can only imagine that you aren’t looking forward to parent/ teacher meetings. It’s so tough. Maybe if you can ever get back to normal you can have a bit more of a variation on the discussions.

    good luck with ride 100!

    • It was just weird just tired I was feeling. It does not help that the cats wake me up early because they want to eat. They surely do not know how hard momma works and she needs to sleep!

  4. I do like Bec and did that class. Wow! 99 classes! As you know, I quit Peleton. It just wasn’t right for me.

    Now I hope that the wind will leave at some point and it will warm up again.

    My wfh anniversary is this week. Do I celebrate?

  5. That picture from Target! Those were scary days. Good luck with your conferences- hopefully the parents won’t expect too much. It’s a terrible time to be a teacher!

  6. I find it odd that there’s an emphasis on self care yet teachers are expected to do so much more over this past year with less resources. Seems like an oxymoron!

    Woo-hoo! Congrats on your upcoming 100th cycle class with Cody. Any ride with him is sure to be super fun 🙂

    • It’s been like that all year! I would roll my eyes because we would be told to take care of the kids, be there for them, etc., but yet nothing for us. I agree that any class with Cody is always fun!

  7. I see those miles creeping up!!! Isn’t it amazing how much easier it is to run now than it was just two weeks ago when we were under ice?

  8. We get those self care emails and video talks too. Yet they keep pushing us to see more patients. So which is it? Hang in there.

  9. Congrats on that upcoming 100th class! I had already forgotten (well, it was a year ago LOL) all the empty shelves when the COVID panic erupted. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating…a huge thank you to you for all you do! Teachers are wonderful <3 And, thanks for Pi’ing with me 😉 Glad you were part of the celebration 😉

  10. How odd parent conferences must seem this year. We have monthly ones for virtual school and they are so bizarre, if not uncomfortable. I am sure yours will go well, but it doesn’t make it less strange.

    You have some willpower to hold off on your 100th ride! That is so funny! I hope Cody helps you celebrate this huge milestone!

    • I cannot imagine holding monthly conferences. Then again it feels like it is because I am always in contact with parents about their child. We had conferences back in November and those were OK. But now it is just seems like unnecessary. Oh well, done with them.

  11. Great miles for you this week and congrats on that 99th ride! My daughter at Georgia Tech says it’s “hell week” there because everything is due all at once on top of exams and they gave her a “goat yoga” self-care day she is too busy studying to take advantage of. So much for self-care. Her spring break has been cancelled because of the longer winter break.

  12. Hope you got your shoutout! 99 going on 100 is awesome.
    I am not a Becs fan, although I’ve only done a few classes of hers so maybe I should say she hasn’t grown on me yet. I hated Matty at first and now he’s in my top 3

    • No shoutout for me. Going to see now for the 150th ride. I know what you mean about Matty. I hated my first time and did not take another one till months later. Now I LOVE him!

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